Bayern seeks plenary session at 8

When talking about the Bundesliga is usually crossed out as boring. It is a boredom very much to Bayern's liking, who is still the king of the highest German competition and today can prolong his reign for one more year.

If it is imposed on a Bremen in full fight for does not descendr will sing alirón in the absence of two days for the end. It would be his eighth consecutive salad bowl and the twenty ninth in his story, which can also fall in the event of a tie or defeat, as long as the Dortmund get no more points than the eternal rival tomorrow against Mainz.

Bayern's main novelty will be in attack, where Lewandowski and Müller they return to eleven after fulfill sanction by accumulation of cards. Between them they made a total of 60 goals so far in the Bundesliga. Lewy follow to the head of the fight for Golden Boot and Müller wants to break the record for assists of De Bruyne from 14-15, who already equaled on the penultimate day with his twentieth goal pass against Leverkusen.

Bayern Shield / Flag

The big question is in the left side, where everything points to Flick bet again by Davies instead of Lucas, who returned to give an insufficient image in his recent ownership against the Gladbach.

The most atypical will be the celebration. The security protocol will prevent players from the Bavarian team celebrate the plenary session at eight with its traditionss beer showers. The delivery of the salad bowl will take place, as usual, on the last day, in this case the 27-J in Wolfsburg. Yes, the traditional celebration on the balcony of the town hall, where the staff usually comes dressed as Bavarians to offer the title to the fans, also was suspended. There is talk of a virtual celebration, but before it's time to win in Bremen.