Bayern opens the door of Real Madrid to Lewandowski

The next big name on the market, after Haaland and Mbappé, is Lewandowski. As AS revealed exclusively, the Polish striker has decided to leave Bayern this summer. He tried to do it in 2021, but the Bavarian entity flatly refused. For this summer, he will be strong. The Pole has always sought to speed up his options to sign for Real Madrid, his great dream in recent times. But the great moment Benzema has been closing the door of his aspirations to the point that, in his intention to change the air to finish his career, He has had no choice but to look at Barcelona.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

But, once again, Lewandowski has run into Bayern. As AS has been able to learn from sources very close to the footballer, he has already stated his intention to leave the Munich entity to the board and has received a forceful response: “We do not sell you, it is our last word.” That brings him closer to Madrid when he ends his contract in 2023. Now it is an unknown if Bayern is bluffing or if he prefers to stay one more season to Lewandowski although, for this reason, he stops entering 30 to 40 million euros. That is the estimated price for the striker who has scored the most goals in the last three consecutive seasons (50, 48 and 55 goals, almost nothing).

The Pole has already hurried his options to go to Madrid, looked at Manchester City and PSG, and has finally taken refuge in Barcelona, ​​with whom he has an agreement in principle.

The problem is that Lewandowski is already 33 years old, he will be 34 when his contract ends if Bayern finally go ahead with their order of not selling him. At the moment and in the current situation, the best option for Lewandowski has surprisingly become Barcelona. With the Blaugrana, his representative, Pini Zahavi, has already reached an agreement in principle. But the agent is aware that Bayern will remain firm in its intention not to sell. Before Barça, Lewandowski wanted to rush his options to go to Madrid, and when that door closed for Benzema’s moment, he also looked at PSG, where Mbappé should have left. Let’s say that the Camp Nou has been his third option, the fourth if you count that of City, who also sounded out their surroundings before they were certain that Guardiola had closed Haaland.

Photo of de Lewandowski

That’s the way it is, Bayern can open the door of Real Madrid again to Lewandowski. Everything, if he is free in 2023. Then Benzema will have rushed one more campaign and for Madrid it will no longer be such a problem to make them coincide in time. Despite his age, Lewandowski is in top condition because he is, like Cristiano Ronaldo, obsessed with nutrition and physical preparation. They assure from their environment, in addition, that the salary will not be a problem. The Pole has been faithful to Bayern until now despite the fact that the German entity has a very strict policy regarding the salaries of its squad. He does not exceed ten million net.