Bayern Munich, about to sign their first pearl from La Masia

The Bayern Munich is very close to taking a pearl from La Masia for the first time. The German club is one step away from signing Adam Aznou, who will turn 16 on June 2 and will go free. In addition, of the Bavarians, the Borussia Dortmund was also in the bidding, but the player and his family are practically convinced to go to Munich.

Aznou He is a promising left-back for Cadet A, who has already made his debut with the Spanish Under-16 team. After three seasons in grassroots football Barçawhere he arrived from the Damm, has not reached a renewal agreement and will prioritize going abroad because in the Barcelona They offered him Juvenile B and less salary.

The left back, of Moroccan descent and who has dual nationality, is one of the most valued players in Cadet A. In fact, he has already ruled out Bayer Leverkusen, Juventus and Benfica and in Dortmund They also give it up for lost.

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