Bayern champion for the eighth time in a row after defeating Bremen

Berlin, Jun 16 (EFE) .- Bayern were crowned on Tuesday the German Bundesliga championship for the eighth consecutive time by defeating Werder Bremen (0-1) at home and making themselves unattainable for their closest pursuer, Borussia Dortmund.

Dortmund will have to play this Wednesday against Mainz and, if they win, the disadvantage against Bayern would be seven points with two days to go before the tournament ends.

Bayern played on Tuesday the last ten minutes in numerical inferiority by expulsion of Alphonso Davies with a double yellow.

Bayern gave clear signs from the start of their intention to sentence the Bundesliga. In the 2nd minute he had the first arrival with a shot from Lewandowski that a defense deflected to a corner kick. He was pressing Bremen at times with all the field players in the opposite half and constantly looking for the way to the area.

For Bremen there was also a lot at stake and in the midst of the fight against relegation he showed that he was at least thinking of selling his expensive skin and got into the game at the peak of intensity in the individual duels for the ball and looking for counterattack opportunities.

In the 9th minute Bremen had a good arrival with a shot against the outside net of the Cheo Theodor Gebre Selasie to the center of Leonardo Bittencourt from the left wing.

The party lived in good part of the intensity and the fight. Kingsley Coman had an arrival, with a shot deflected to the goal of Bremen in the 12th minute after a stolen ball near the area.

In the 18th, Bremen responded with a slightly deflected shot by Maximilian Eggenstein from the crescent.

Bremen tried to play as equals and throughout the first half it was not noticeable that it was a match of the first against the penultimate

Bayern sought to reach the area with high balls – in the 24th Coman he finished off with a header to the center of Müller – and with shots from half distance as one of Jerome Boateng in 33, flush with the floor and too central, but with some danger in the middle of a heavy rain.

The goal, however, came from an exquisite play in the 43rd minute. Boateng put the ball into the area over Bremen's defense, Lewandowski received it with his chest with his back to the goal and scored with a half-round shot.

In the second half, with the score in favor, Bayern began to have more control over the game, took possession of the ball and began to circulate it without rushing to reach the goal and managed to put Bremen in its own half.

He had arrivals, including a heeled goal annulled for Lewandowski by Müller offside in the previous play.

However, after the 70th minute, the Bremen, which defended well, stood up again and in the 79th minute saw itself in numerical superiority after Alphonso Davies was sent off with a double yellow card.

Bremen pressed into the final stage and in the 90th minute Manuel Neuer made his contribution to the victory that secured the title with a great save before a header from Osako.

In the discount, four minutes, Bayern managed to put the ball again in the middle of Bremen and, after a corner kick in favor, kept the ball near the corner flag. Three corner kicks in a row and seconds dead after each reached to reach the end. EFE.