Baskonia stops the European crisis before Khimki

Baskonia stops the European crisis before Khimki

MADRID, Jan. 23 (SportsFinding) –

Kirolbet Baskonia surpassed (83-79) this Thursday Khimki on the 21st day of the regular Euroleague phase held at Fernando Buesa Arena, a matched crash that led to tow until the last four minutes, where he knew how to stay the triumph that it cuts off its European crisis and returns it to the fight for the 'Top 8'.

Those of Dusko Ivanovic raise their heads in Europe, two wins from the 'playoffs' zone, to give continuity to the high of the last victory in Endesa League against Real Madrid. From less to more in defense and success, Baskonia won with Shields (22 points), Polonara (9 and 11 rebounds) and Henry (10, 6 and 8 assists) highlighted in a victory that helps the improvement of Vitoria, after three defeats followed in the continental tournament.

Both teams fought for the command of the game in the first half, with a local slump at the start of the second quarter from which they knew how to leave before the break (47-44). Eric, Shields and Shengelia gave Baskonia a good start, although the best news for Vitoria was 0 out of 5 for Shved in triples (27-25).

Many points, visitors with the signature of Jerebko, however and little defense. Karasev punished the bad return to the track of those of Ivanovic and, thanks to a good work in the rebound, Baskonia managed to go to changing rooms ahead, despite a 1 of 8 in triples. With the faith of the victory against Madrid, the Barca team continued insisting without seeing fruits on the scoreboard.

Two triples followed by Shields improved the local success in the third quarter, again with a bad start, while Polonara continued to hunt everything under hoops. Without news from Shved, Jerebko remained a Russian reference in a tight match for the last quarter (61-63). Khimki entered this time erratically but Baskonia did not know how to take advantage of the opponent's losses to continue in tow.

Timma punished his ex for a dangerous 64-69 in local morale. A brave Baskonia did not hesitate and went for the rival ring, to four minutes from the end achieve the first advantage of the second half. A robbery of Henry and the basket of Shields confirmed the Barca command when the success that had been Russian so far changed the neighborhood to leave a vital victory in the Buesa Arena.


– RESULT: KIROLBET BASKONIA, 83 – KHIMKI, 79. (47-44, at rest).


KIROLBET BASKONIA: Henry (10), Janning (2), Shields (22), Shengelia (8) and Eric (6) – initial quintet–; Stauskas (7), Fall (15), Diop (4), Polonara (9), García (-) and González (-).

KHIMKI: Zaytsev (3), Shved (18), Timma (10), Booker (6) and Jerebko (16) – initial quintet–; Jovic (8), Karasev (10), Gill (2), Evans (6) and Bertans (-).

– PARTIALS: 27-25, 20-19, 14-19, 22-16.

– ARBITRATORS: Ryzhyk, Koromilas and Bissang. Timma and Jerebko eliminated.

– PAVILION: Fernando Buesa Arena, 11,739 spectators.