Baskonia reacts late in Monaco

Baskonia reacts late in Monaco

Baskonista defeat (93-83) despite Howard's great performance


Baskonia lost 93-83 this Tuesday on its visit to AS Monaco, despite the performance of American point guard Markus Howard, in a match corresponding to matchday 20 of the Regular Phase of the Euroleague and which was resolved in the final stages of the match. third period, especially thanks to the work of local point guard Mike James.

On the parquet of the Gaston Medecine Room, the former Baskonista player went from less to more to secure a key result in the aspirations of both teams in the 'play-in' zone, or even looking up. But until James broke the duel, the equality had been evident.

An initial 5-0 partial was answered by another 0-6, with Maik Kotsar taking center stage in the visiting low post. Markus Howard and Chima Moneke joined him from mid-distance to keep Baskonia with brief gains, palpable at 21-22 that closed the first quarter after a basket by Mam Jaiteh at the buzzer.

Although Dusko Ivanovic's men started the second act better, leading by six points (29-35) after two consecutive triples by Howard, they were unable to stop James; He found his main offensive squire in Alpha Diallo, creating between them a 12-0 partial (41-35) that seemed like a hard blow before the break.

However, the Vitorians handled that situation quite well and returned from the locker room with a renewed air. Entrusting Tadas Sedekerskis with attacks and closing gaps in defenses with intensity, Ivanovic's team tied the score in just over three minutes (48-48).

They achieved it with the first basket by Codi Miller-McIntyre, discreet until then, and in what was ultimately a mirage. Yakuba Ouattara later scored a triple (53-50) that started another great scoring streak for Monaco. In fact, a new triple by Ouattara sealed the third period with +12 for those of the Principality (71-59).

Moneke's struggle inside the paint and several successes by Howard in the outside shot prevented Baskonia from disconnecting, which added to certain nerves in Monaco. A technical foul called on James, with 81-71 in the light and with 5:28 remaining, provided a lot of oxygen for the visiting team.

Chris Chiozza scored a triple for hope (84-80) and Moneke, fouled, converted one of two free throws to narrow the result (84-81). Diallo stretched the Monegasque advantage also from the personal line (86-81) and, after a timeout, Donatas Motiejunas established the score at 88-83 in a poor Vitorian defense.

The unsuccessful management of the last minute and a half condemned Ivanovic's team, since Chiozza, Howard and Moneke each missed shots that could have brought extra time closer. Two late baskets by Jaron Blossomgame certified the victory for Monaco, which now has a balance of 11-9 in the standings; Meanwhile, Baskonia has a 10-10 record and is still in the middle of the winter slump.


–RESULT: AS MONACO, 93 – BASKONIA, 83 (43-39, at half-time).


AS MONACO: James (26), Ouattara (12), Loyd (2), Cornelie (3) and Motiejunas (13) –starting quintet–; Jaiteh (8), Walker (5), Diallo (12), Brown (4), Strazel (-) and Blossomgame (8).

BASCONY: Miller-McIntyre (2), Marinkovic (6), Raieste (2), Sedekerskis (11) and Kotsar (11) — starting quintet–; Howard (33), Costello (5), Moneke (6), Ten (-) and Chiozza (7).

–PARTIALS: 21-22, 22-17, 28-20 and 22-24.

–REFEREES: Lottermoser, Nikolic and Sukys. No eliminated.

–PAVILLION: Gaston Medecine Room.