Baskonia leaves the Astroballe scalded

Baskonia leaves the Astroballe scalded

Those from Peñarroya show a bad version in the second defeat in a row in the Euroleague


The Cazoo Baskonia lost resoundingly (87-61) against ASVEL Villeurbanne this Friday in the fifth round of the Euroleague, a bad night for the Basques during their visit to French lands, out of action from the start until conceding the second loss in a row .

Joan Peñarroya’s men threatened to react in the third quarter, but ASVEl left a perfect performance, intense, dominating the rebound and managing 20-point leads. After the defeat against Olympiacos and now against the Gauls, Baskonia is left with a 3-2 that cuts the wings of the illusion.

In Vitoria the enthusiasm will drop after the corrective at the home of a rival who a priori is not called to be up. Those of Peñarroya were towed by the rhythm and the opportunity that the rebound gave to the locals and, despite the Thompson, Giedraitis and Kotsar trio, the script was put in French (30-10).

Fall’s dominance was unrivaled at Baskonia, without defensive aggressiveness, without competing and surpassed by an ASVEl who began to like Pons’s dunks. The Giedraitis war was not enough and in the second half it was not long in confirming it.

Barca striker Howard, dosed after his blow against the Greeks, tried to break into the restart, but ASVEL settled in the score on the way to the last set (65-45). Peñarroya was unable to revive the seed that seemed to flourish with his arrival and Baskonia took a step back to reflect.

The return of Pierria Henry, without repercussion in 18 minutes at the Astroballe, did not prevent the slip of a Baskonia that had just beaten Real Madrid in the Endesa League. The confusion or the lesson had the choral signature of the locals Noua, Mathews, De Colo, Lighty, Obasohan and Fall, all in double digits of valuation.


–RESULT: ASVEL VILLEURBANNE, 87 – CAZOO BASKONIA, 61. (48-30, at halftime).


ASVEL VILLEURBANNE: Jackson-Cartwright (2), Matthews (13), Lighty (11), Noua (9) and Fall (11) — starting quintet — Risacher (5), Kahudi (6), De Colo (7) , Pons (10), Obasohan (13), Polite (-).

CAZOO BASKONIA: Thompson (11), Marinkovic (-), Giedraitis (14), Hommes (4) and Kotsar (8) –initial quintet–; Costello (8), Sedekerskis (6), Henry (5), Kurucs (-), Raieste (-), Díez (-), Howard (5).

–PARTIALS: 24-10, 24-20, 25-22, 14-9.

–REFEREES: Ryzhyk, Shemmesh and Foufis. Without eliminated.

–PAVILLION: Astroball.