Bartra: “It is not a penalty. This is a contact sport”

Marc Bartra spoke of the controversy of the match, the penalty he committed on De jong and that Mateu Lahoz sanctioned.


The match: “It was an even first half, although they had a chance. Then came that play (the penalty), which is very doubtful; I do not see a penalty. Then we got the second strategy. We are very screwed, because we were aware of the importance of matches. Nothing is helping us. “

The penalty: “I have the position won, I jump before and he finds my arms; it is one more set. It is incredible. Look at the reaction of the opponents, nobody protested. This is a contact sport. It is not a penalty and that decides everything. The details count. It is true that things must be corrected, but this does not help. “

What failed: “Maybe with the ball we should have been more protagonists, but we were not fresh mentally, the field was slow … We will do self-criticism.”

Ocampos: “We handle it better”.

The figure of the party: “It was a difficult week, because I was touched, but I worked well these last days.”

The victory: “The whole team was fine. We knew how to suffer. These games are always special and we were mentally strong and we knew how to score first.”

The key: “In games the one who hits first has the advantage and we knew how to handle it better. It was a hard shock. They fought until the end, but the three points were at home.”

The penalty: “I was talking to a player about them, going backwards. They covered me. I didn't see it.”

A derby without an audience: “I did not have the opportunity to play one with people here, but they say it is a unique moment. We dedicated the victory to the fans. They gave us a lot of strength.”