Bartomeu sticks out his chest

Lately Josep Maria Bartomeu lavishes very little in public events, much less if there are microphones in front of him. Hence, any statement by the Blaugrana president is a small event at the present time Blaugrana. The leader, who is immersed in a vote of no confidence that has had the support of almost twenty thousand partners, took advantage of this Sunday the conquest of the Futsal Champions League at the Palau Blaugrana to send a message of optimism to the member regarding the sporting context that the club is experiencing: “In football there is a young team with enthusiasm, which will give us many joys. Basketball has also started with good results, and also in women's football. The culés started the season with many illusions and with good results ”-

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Bartomeu did not want to delve into the motion that he will have to pass if he wants to continue being president: “I am happy. The smile that I have now is the one that all the Catalans should have in their mouths right now ”.

Of course, he congratulated the futsal section for its success and especially the coach, Andreu Plaza: “I am very happy for all the culés. A Champions is a Champions, and the players have deserved it with their effort. I want to thank Andreu and his coaching staff for the work done in such a strange season ”.

The truth is that Bartomeu has reasons to be happy: it is the second European Cup that he has conquered since he won the elections in 2015. The crossing of the desert in the maximum continental competition during Bartomeu's tenure in all professional sections has been one that makes a dent in any club: a European Cup in roller hockey in 2018 and now a Champions in futsal. It remains to be seen if in December he will achieve the third in his particular record: the handball section plays the 'final four' in December. Everything will depend on whether the motion is successful or not.