“Bartomeu is strong and the Board of Directors is with him”

A united board of directors until the end. That is the message that Jordi Cardoner, vice president of Barça's social area, wanted to convey this Thursday while taking stock of the 2019-20 financial year in the social area. Cardoner flatly denied that there are dissensions despite the fact that executives such as Xavi Vilajoana have publicly been in favor of Bartomeu's resignation and the whole board once confirmed that there will be a Vote of Censorship. “There has been no debate, discussion or issue in the Board of Directors on resignations. If there was a private level, I do not know. But there have been no Board meetings to specifically address resignations. Because we are in a changing reality. So much so that yesterday we held a Board of Directors for the information that was leaking about the green light and to vote in person. The process will be validated by the authorities. I am not denying the major. It will be held, I do not deny the greatest. But if you allow me, and returning to the topic, The health of this Board in terms of group is stronger than ever, it is next to its president. Yes it is true that there have been people, up to 19,000 it seems that it will be the final figure, who protest our management. But let us also take into account and respect the significant percentage of members, up to 90,000, who have not demonstrated. “

Barcelona Shield / Flag

At no time did Cardoner want to reveal whether there will be resignations or not. “Bartomeu is fine, he is strong. And in difficult moments, it even presents more force. It has fit with sportsmanship that these 19,000 members want to endorse this Vote of Censorship. But, as I said before, This Board also takes into account the 90,000 who have not demonstrated“.

Cardoner does not value being president: “I will accompany Bartomeu as he has accompanied him since 2015. And i will leave when he leaves“.