Baroness Thyssen clarifies the controversy over her successor: “Things will be distributed as agreed with Borja”

“Tita Cervera has shared with Miquel Valls one of the great unknowns that surround her figure. Who will continue to lead her legacy when she is missing? The Baroness has revealed who she plans to rely on to take on that role in her absence. Is about a female figure who would continue her legacy,” they wrote from the Antena 3 website after Public mirror give information about the legacy of Carmen Thyssen this Tuesday.

On Tuesday's program, Gema López also said: “There is already a depositary of his legacy”. “The level of studies and languages ​​is prepared”, said Miquel Valls. And he talked about one of Tita's daughters, Sabina or Carmen, being in charge: “This daughter is already on the boards of directors”. After the confusion generated by the headlines of the talk shows, the program has assured that news has been collected in other media that does not correspond to reality.

The baroness, who has shared secret dates with El Chatarrero in Madrid (as this portal announced in the first place), has contacted Valls again, the person who interviewed her in a conversation that is broadcast in full this Thursday: “We have been able to speak with her. Obviously she In this interview he does not say that Borja is going to be left without a legacy or inheritance. Things will be distributed as they have agreed today and that no one will replace anyone's role. The son will continue to have an important and fundamental role,” the journalist clarified this Wednesday, one day before the interview was broadcast.

Gema López has now explained: “Tita [en la entrevista] clarifies the role that she wanted to give to one of her daughters in terms of the continuity of what she does in the foundation, in the museum… It has nothing to do with inheritance“. And Miquel Valls has sentenced: “It has nothing to do with inheritance and this role would not take away from Borja anything that Borja had”.

Tita Cervera and the wills

In the advance of the interview, Carmen Cervera says: “I have made many wills. When life changes, you change them”. Her relationship with Borja and with his daughter-in-law, Blanca Cuesta, has also been changing over the years and has gone through better and worse times. Susanna Griso herself recalled this Thursday the times of great tension: “The war was tremendous, I don't remember anything like it… With her on that occasion I didn't have that ease of speaking, I spoke with Borja and his entourage and it was open war.”