Barnett, Bale's agent, sells 'Stellar' to a US giant

Jontahan Barnett, Bale's agent and co-founder of the world's largest proxy agency, Stellar Group, has once again surprised the world of sports. As reported by The Mirror, has sold its agency to Los Angeles-based company ICM, an American giant. Barnett, who confirmed the news to AS, will also become the new president of the resulting multinational, ICM Stellar, as part of the new agreement reached. The operation has had such an impact that it occupies important spaces in reference media such as The New York Times or the Financial Times. The sale has closed for a close figure, according to sources close to the representative, at 150 million euros.

Stellar Group handles the affairs of more than 800 athletes of various kinds, but especially football. In 2013 Barnett made the most expensive transfer in history up to that point, that of Bale to Real Madrid, which was closed for a historic figure (it was then) of 101 million euros. In Spain his agency has entered with force, and in addition to several Real Madrid youth players, he represents Atlético Saúl, who was close to going to Manchester United. Stellar is deeply rooted in the Anglo-Saxon world. In addition to Bale and England's three goalkeepers, Jordan Pickford, Nick Pope and Dean Henderson, he also represents Aston Villa captain Jack Grealis. In total, it is estimated that it has more than 800 clients with contracts worth 2.5 billion euros.

Barnett has always boasted that his representation agency is different from the others. “We provide a comprehensive service to the athlete, we take care of everything that can mislead him from his profession, home, cars, finances, travel, vacations …”, he has always maintained at AS. Now, at 70 years old, he seems to be taking a step to the side although he continues to occupy a position in the management and He leaves the operational part of the business to his partner David Manasseh.

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ICM Partners, the buyer company, is a large talent agency and is best known for representing a host of Hollywood stars, Golden Globe and Emmy winners, including British actress Olivia Colman. The deal will allow ICM to expand its sports operation, enter the European market and for Stellar it is another path to the US as they already have NFL players on their books and 130 employees.

“At Chris Silbermann and ICM Partners we have found the ideal partner to help our clients expand their earning potential in an increasingly flat world where athletes are brands with global appeal across numerous off-the-field income streams, that ICM will help us cultivate and explore. They share our enthusiasm for enriching our clients' opportunities and expanding our representation business in North America, which is very exciting for us. ” Jonathan Barnett said in institutional statements that The Mirror also collects.