UEFA has already revealed the total amount that each club took during the last Champions League campaign, the most distributed in history with 1,950 million euros. Although the great part of money can be calculated as the competition progresses, since they are variables that the organism determines based on results and coefficient, the market pool that is decisive every year remains to be known. A money that is allocated according to the participating countries and that as a last push has been key so that Barcelona has been imposed on the rest of the teams, including the Liverpool champion, with 117.73 million euros.

The Anfield debacle did not prevent Barca from being the most entered team in the entire 18/19 Champions League. Despite falling into the semifinals, the culé entity took most of the huge loot that UEFA distributes every season. This time with a great impulse that is being repeated during the current 19/20, with a total of 117.73 million, Ernesto Valverde became the template that has entered the most to participate in the maximum competition.

In this way, in the city they have seen the income double compared to 17/18 (they won 57.43) thanks to that impulse from UEFA and to go from falling in the quarterfinals to do so in the semifinals. A historical amount that this time is distributed in 14.5 for participating in the competition, 45.8 for sports results, 22.91 for the market pool and 34.34 for the coefficient.

A coefficient where Real Madrid continues to reign (they are the ones who earn the most in this aspect with 35.45), but that does not prevent the scorn of the whites who go from first place in 17/18 (92.65) to eighth 88.53 million. Blame it is that those of the Spanish capital did not pass the round of 16 and therefore did not aspire to the grand prizes that are distributed to the best eight of the tournament.

The finalists Liverpool and Tottenham also exceeded 100 million revenue

Something that Liverpool and Tottenham did, which together with Barcelona complete the economic podium. The 'reds', which with the success over the Metropolitan Wanda won 19 million, reached 111.09 while the 'spurs' were endorsed 101.62 'kilos' (of which 15 are for being in the final). In addition, Juventus (95.57), Manchester United (93.46) and Manchester City (93.25) also exceeded the income of Madrid on 17/18, evidencing the considerable increase that UEFA had made since last Bell.

Atlético de Madrid is the last team that surpasses the whites, with 91.15 million, while the PSG is very little (85.79) since both mattresses and meringues played in the European Super Cup and received 4.5 and 3.5, respectively. This push is decisive to overtake the Gauls, that another season again receive the largest amount of the 'market pool' (24.07) as there are only three French teams in the competition.

The other eighth Champions League prize: club revenues up 28%