Barcelona – Real Madrid | Third Classic waiting for Hazard

In the days leading up to a Classic, everything is flooded with epicity. Direct confrontation between many of the best players in the world, historical rivalry, gleaming benches … However, for more than a year, the Barça-Madrid They have been missing a piece that aimed to be key and that is none other than that of Eden Hazard.

The Belgian, who put on the white shirt for afternoons like today, has not yet been able to wear it against a Barça player and there have already been three lost occasions: the two league games last season (0-0 and 2-0 respectively) and this one that concerns us.

Always due to injury, Hazard It has been the great absence in the list of white players and, although it is true that lately he is remembered more for his visits to the infirmary than for his dribbling, there is no doubt that his absence reduces the level of his team and the game.

It is often said that this is “the game that all footballers dream of playing sometime” and there may be no truer truth. As it is also true that Hazard, since Madrid, he will see with his long teeth a game for which he is called to play.