Barcelona – Real Madrid result, summary and goals

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22:56Mariona, on TV3: “The character and personality of the team has been noticeable from minute zero, we have played with intensity from the beginning. And I scored with a header when Ingrid laughed at my height in the locker room tunnel! Things did not work out for us in the The most anticipated day, but we work to be the best. We won’t be able to relax Sporting de Huelva. Madrid? The more you play against the same team, the more dangerous it is, but we haven’t given them an option.”

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22:53Alexia Putellas: “These have been difficult days, but we are proud, we needed to play the sooner the better and if it’s against Madrid, the better. Before we didn’t play Clásico because Madrid didn’t have a team and now we don’t stop… It hasn’t been easy, it’s never easy , but we played well. Now we’re going for the title.”

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93′It’s over, Barça will play in the final of the Copa de la Reina! Real Madrid 4-0 and appointment with Sporting Huelva on Sunday at 11:30 in Alcorcón

90′Mapi receives a ball in the face from Paula Partido She seems dizzy and is treated

90′three minutes added Barca win 4-0

87′Howitzer of Rolfö! And strong hands of Mass

85′Misa keeps saving goals! Now to Rolfö with another good reflex output

82′The best chance for Real Madrid, a header from Nahikari! He goes out after service by Kenty Robles

81′Another wonder from Pina and Misa prevents Crnogorcevic’s goal! He is in great shape

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78′Another double change in Real Madrid Oroz and Svava leave and Paula Partido and Kenty Robles enter

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78′Fifth change in the Barça The quarry Ona Baradad enters and Oshoala leaves

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77′Oshoala is treated and will not be able to continue It does not seem serious, but it is changed

75′Oshoala removes the thorn and marks the fourth!! Great Pina in the pass and the Nigerian defines well this time: cut Misa and shoot at an empty goal

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75′Barça goal!!! 4-0 beats Real Madrid

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73′Fourth change in Barça Andrea Pereira enters and Irene Paredes leaves

72′Almost Rolfö mark! Great play by Pina, center by Leila and Rolfö finishes off, but Misa catches

70′16-2 in corners and 15-1 in shots Total superiority of a Barça that wins 3-0

69′Oshoala leaves alone and avoids Misa’s goal with her exit!! Great chance for the Nigerian

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67′Double change at Real Madrid Kaci and Möller enter and Tere Abelleira and Olga Carmona leave

67′Paredes does not arrive well at the center of Pina Barça looks for the fourth

63′Aitana finishes off the side of the net! Assist by Crnogorcevic

61′Paredes gives away a corner Bad loan to Paños under Nahikari’s pressure, but Madrid returns to serve short and safely

60′Very generous Aitana!! He sought Oshoala’s assistance instead of shooting and let the 4-0 slip away

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59′Triple change in the Barça Alexia, Mariona and Martens leave and Pina, Leila Ouahabi and Crnogorcevic enter

57′What suffering for Madrid in each corner! Misa is doing very well. He failed at the start in Mariona’s goal, but there are more than 10 closed corners well resolved by the goalkeeper. Too much work

56′Misa gives up an unnecessary corner Torrejón no longer arrived

54′Oshoala has a long control And react on mass time

52′Mariona heads Barça’s umpteenth corner into the small area and makes it 3-0!! Martens took it out and this time he did not measure the Misa output well

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52′Barça goal!!! 3-0 beat Madrid

51′Misa clears another corner Now Irene Paredes arrived

50′Very good performance of Ingrid Engen in the high pressure He left Patri Guijarro on the bench in the midfield

48′Martens was the player who launched Oshoala at the start of the 2-0 action

47′Aitana scores the second!! In the continuation of the previous play, Oshoala yields to Aitana, who scores with great quality in the small area to avoid a clearance by Rocío

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47′Barça goal!!! 2-0 beats Real Madrid

47′Misa avoids Oshoala’s 2-0! Brave exit from the goalkeeper in a heads up

46′A thread from Aitana doesn’t come in for a bit! The cut and the shot with the left foot from the front deserved the goal

46′Start the second part And Barça attacks again

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46′Can’t follow Esther And Nahikari enters Madrid


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45′The first part is over! 1-0 on the scoreboard in favor of Barça, a short result for the Barça superiority, with two headers to the post by Alexia and Oshoala and several saves by Misa from shots by Mariona, Rolfö and Aitana

45′Two minutes added And great center from Mariona with a good defensive clearance from Peter

44′Esther is treated after a foul by Torrejón on Olga She seems injured, let’s see if the Madrid striker can play the second half.

43′And another miraculous hand from Misa! Now to get the ball off Oshoala’s head

42′Torrejón does not head comfortably after a good cross by Rolfö from the left

39′Attention Mass in a center of Torrejón! He anticipates Oshoala’s shot and clears

34′Eighth corner for Barça Barça continues to attack in search of 2-0, although this corner is unsuccessful

31′He loses control and shoots high Aitana! Inside the area, he did not connect well

30′Oshoala’s millimetric offside There is no controversy because he finished off

29′Real Madrid’s first shot! Deflected after a lucky rebound in a clearance by Barça, but a good attempt by Athenea

28′Misa deflects Aitana’s tight shot! Great stop, Barça already sang the goal

27′High shot from Martens! After a pass from Aitana

26′Misa deflects Barça’s sixth corner Engen was already arriving with his head

25′Paredes finishes off a corner taken by Mapi! Rocío clears, but the Barça center-back shoots very alone

24′Martens knee pain It is taken care of, but continues to play. Good news

22′Martens arrived too fair to the Champions League final after his injury He was essential against Lyon and could only enter the second half. Today he has already scored

20′The 1-0 does justice to those who were watching Martens scores after two headers to the post by Alexia and Oshoala

18′Lieke Martens scores after a pass from Alexia!! The captain reached the baseline after a pass from Mariona and the Dutchwoman did not forgive

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18′Barça goal!!! 1-0 beats Real Madrid

16′Torrejón’s center too long after a good collective combination Barça is much better, but 0-0 on the scoreboard

14′Another header to the same post, this time from Oshoala!! Alexia’s great cross and the Nigerian anticipates Misa’s departure very well, but the ball does not want to enter

13′Oshoala tries from outside the area Good intention, bad direction

12′Alexia’s header to the post and Misa’s stop to Rolfö’s rejection!! Mariona’s center and two very clear occasions in a row for Barça

10′Mariona reaches the bottom line, but can’t find a finisher Great action from the Balearic Islands without the accompaniment of Martens or Oshoala

8′Barça makes a mess at the free kick and Mapi cuts off a four-on-one counter! Between Alexia and Mariona they gave the ball to Madrid and the defense had to intervene

7′Foul by Rocío on Alexia Too far to cast directly

4′Madrid took the short corner and did not create danger

4′First time that Madrid crosses the center of the field and causes a corner Good action by Athenea down the right flank

3′Misa deflects Mariona’s point-blank shot! In the corner, one meter from the goal, he smashes the shot against the goalkeeper on the half turn

2′The harassment of Barça continues and the third corner arrives Madrid does not leave its area

1′A chance for Rolfö to come out of the corner! Good shot and Oroz clears for a corner, the second

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1′Starts the match! Take Barça out and already cause a corner at 20 seconds

Barça He has to recover mentally from the blow that he lost the Champions League final against Lyon (1-3) last Saturday in Turin, with very bad feelings due to the game. Madrid has not competed for 10 days, it is more rested

20:57Palencia will arbitrate
Marta Huerta de Azaattached to the Tenerife Committee

20:55Barça or Madrid will play the final on
domingo 29 (
11:30 a.m. / Telesport) before him
Sporting Club of Huelva, who eliminated Tuesday
UD Granadilla Tenerife (0-1

20:53In the quarterfinals of the Copa de la Reina, the
Barça was imposed on the
Real society by 0-3 and the
Real Madrid al
Levante down 1-3.

20:52will be the
sixth ‘Classic’ of the season, with five victories for Barça. 1-3 and 5-2 in the quarterfinals of the Champions League; 1-3 and 5-0 in the League; and 1-0 in the Spanish Super Cup

20:32The players are already warming up on the lawn of the
Municipality of Santo Domingo de Alcorcon. The game starts at 9:00 p.m.

20:22on the bench of
Real Madrid The goalkeeper Gérard and the players Kenty Robles, Ivana, Kaci, Asllani, Cardona, Nahikari, Claudia, Moller, Partido and Salas remain

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20:18Let’s go with the Real Madrid lineup.
José Alberto Toril line up to Mass; Lucia, Peter, Rocío, Svava; Teresa, Zornoza; Athenea, Maite Oroz, Olga Carmona; and esther


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20:04In it
FC Barcelona bench The goalkeeper Gemma and the players Pina, Leila, Pereira, Crnogorcevic, María Pérez, Bartel, Ona, Esther and Clara Rodríguez remain.

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20:03We already have eleven
Barça. Jonatan Giráldez chooses: Paños, Marta, Paredes, Mapi León, Rolfo; Alexia, Engen, Aitana; Martens, Oshoala and Mariona.

20:01At the last minute the casualties of
Beautiful Jennywith discomfort in the right knee, and
Meritxell Muñozwhich was discarded for the final

20:00In a single match tie and with the casualties of
Caroline Graham Hansen y
Melanie Serranothe Norwegian due to an injury to her right foot and the Catalan due to discomfort in her right knee, in addition to those already known and of long duration of
Cata Coll,
Bruna Vilamala y
Jane Fernandez,
Jonathan Giraldez He has summoned six players from the subsidiary:
Meritxell Muñoz,
Good Baradad,
Maria Perez,
Julia Bartel,
Esther Laborde y
Clara Rodriguez.

20:00The match, which will start in an hour (9:00 p.m.) will be played at the Santo Domingo Stadium in Alcorcón, with a capacity for 5,000 fans.

19:57Good afternoon! Welcome to the live of the semifinal of the
queen’s cup between
FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. A classic with a place for the final at stake.