Barcelona – Eibar (5-0): Messi covers Bartomeu | LaLiga Santander 2019




The Argentine scores four of the five goals of Barcelona to Eibar and dilutes the monumental anger of the Camp Nou to the Barca president.

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Messi celebrates one of his goals at Eibar.
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Messi achieve the unprecedented: that mediocrity goes unnoticed. Leo is a footballer, not a president. He neither steps on the boxes, nor is he interested in the stale power of suit and tie. It is captain and flag. A symbol, but also an athlete. It will not be convenient to forget that detail. But Messi is left with a ball so that the blushing management of the top president of Barcelona seems only a bad dream. A nightmare from which the gerifalte awakens when Leo scores the first goal. Or the second. Or the third. Or the room. Josep Maria Bartomeu, noted by his own government, he received a fight from the Camp Nou that he referred to the club's darkest times. What they would have given Nez or Gaspart for having someone like Messi to cover his shame.

It was impossible to ignore what happened before the match began against the Eibar. The fans had witnessed with great patience the warming of their players. He was at peace in the exit of the players. In the reproduction of the anthem of Bara. Once the last stanza was finished, few were those who admitted silence. The mass public, white handkerchiefs, of paper, of cloth, began a monumental anger directed at the box chaired by Bartomeu. It was no use accepting Friday that his most loyal squire, Jaume Masferrer, was suspended from employment and salary for the cyber scandal of accounts fake. Bartomeu, stiff as a stick, posture of rigor mortisHe had the misfortune that the VAR did not work as it should and the game started seven minutes late. What was missing.

So much fuss seemed to bother Barcelona, ​​structured this time by Quique Setin from a 4-3-3 in which Arturo vidal , who assumes any task in the same way, exercised for the first time as a left-hander. Its only function, pick up the balls with which Ter Stegen saved the pressure of Mendilibar. None of that seemed to worry Messi, who is limited to the midfielders, especially Rakitic, you will be enabled in the immediate vicinity of the area. He will take care of the rest.

So it was in the inaugural goal, a quarter of an hour from the start of the game. The Croatian found Messi behind the back of the Eibar midfielders. And that was a disgrace for Chest, that I should have cursed that his profession accepts gifted people who seem to play another sport. The Rosario put the ball between his legs to the suffered defense before the goalkeeper Dmitrovic he wondered where the leather had passed in the twinkling shot.

Bartomeu continued without moving, and Messi continued his own. Rakitic and Arturo Vidal connected and, once again, the Argentine received the ball in the hot zone. He entered the area, without any of the three defenses surrounding him deciding to enter. The fear of being evident was more than evident. Even Dmitrovic beat early and just turned around to see the ball tangled in his goalkeeper.

An Messi had time to score the third before the break. Even in an episode in which he himself did not want to be the protagonist. I pretended that Griezmann, on a bad afternoon in the definition, he will take his goal. It was a gift from those who only take advantage of Luis Surez. But the French control badly and Tejero snatches the ball. The whimsical whore returned to The flea, that marked with a gesture of the most bureaucratic before a Camp Nou that, by then, had already lost its interest in Bartomeu.

With the task already done, Mendilibar, an Eibar technician, was aware that it would not be advisable to expose himself much more in a war that was not his own. I had already seen how the referee canceled a goal at dawn Sergi Enrich Of course out of play. It was the first of four goals invalidated by the referee, two for each side. None without discussion, however much Arbilla protested that he was not responsible for any dangerous play in the action that would have been 3-1.

Nothing would have changed. The interest of the game was declining and one had the sensation of being in front of an hourglass. Setin offered rest to Busquets and Piqu. Y Braithwaite, metaphor of these convulsive times, was acclaimed by the stadium with the honors of a cursed demigod. The dans had 20 minutes and left like a lord. I offered Messi his respects by offering him his fourth goal and, like Zeus's lightning, to generate the fifth, the work of Arthur.

Messi enfil the changing rooms and the Camp Nou He even forgot that in the box Bartomeu says. We decay, Leo gets the unheard of. That mediocrity goes unnoticed.

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