Barcelona bets on La Masía and the current block

Barcelona want to continue betting on what this season has given so good results with special care to La Masía. The azulgrana quarry is one of the most prolific in national football and the club does not want, as on other occasions, its young talents to escape. Laia Aleixandri, Berta Pujadas, Paulas Fernández or Ona Batlle were in their quarry, others left to return as Andrea Falcón. For this reason, the club has been quick to renew talents for several seasons. that today alternate the first team with the subsidiary as is the case of Claudia Pina (until 2023), Candela Andújar (until 2022), Gemma Font (until 2022) and Laia Codina (2022). They have all extended their contract in the past few weeks.

A bet on the quarry, although it is not ruled out that some of them, like Claudia Pina, may leave on loan to have more minutes. Transfers that make a leap in quality to what there is and players from La Masía who help in a season that is expected to be long with the League, Cup and Champions. This season, Candela Andújar has had enough minutes. Not so many have had Codina that, despite Van der Grart's injuries, has only had 44 minutes spread over four league games. Claudia Pina and Gemma Font, third goalkeeper, have not had much time, nor have they debuted. Of course, Lluís Cortés has given minutes to two forwards of the subsidiary: Carla Armengol and Bruna Vilamala.

Keep block

The idea is to keep the block that has given such good results this course. The club has only left one for the moment, that of the Dutch Van der Grart, and is pending the renewal of Hamraoui, which continues without taking place and rumors suggest that it will come out. The rest of the team, in principle, will be the same after the renovations of Pereira and Marta Torrejón. A power station would have to arrive to alleviate the loss of the Dutch defender and complete the defense with Mapi, Pereira and the canterana Codina. If the French finally leaves, Someone would also have to arrive to shore up the midfield and, at the moment, is waiting to see if he can get hold of Damaris Egurrola, one of the country's great young talents.