Barcelona – Atlético | Saúl offers LaLiga to Madrid

Barça left Madrid on a silver platter when they stumbled again, this time at home against Atlético de Madrid in a match in which Barça was again helpless against any circumstance that might come their way. He could not rebel against two penalties against, one that had to be repeated, and he was again unable to control the rhythm of the game to maintain the advantage gained with so much effort that he dissolved like a sugar bowl.

Barça remains in a volcanic situation both in the classification and in the institutional and sports aspect. The conspiracies are useless and the calls to the epic remain only in that. Barça is a love and I cannot come too late to everything, especially to the changes. before a bench paralyzed by the situation.

Shield / Flag Barcelona

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of June 30, 2020

The Camp Nou has always been sensitive territory, but now it is clearly flammable territory. Everything that happens in the Barça environment is salt on burned skin and the arrival of a team like Atlético de Madrid, of a volcanic nature, could only provide one of those games in which if the temperature were taken half a game instead from before the start, the health authorities would vacate the stadium, because the evening made the heats rise to more than one.

Athletic Shield / Flag

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of July 1, 2020

The game started with the echo of the failure in Valencia of the basketball section, that President Josep Maria Bartomeu seemed the best refuge to flee the minefield in which the Blaugrana wardrobe has become. Bartomeu looked for a photo of triumph in Valencia instead of witnessing a feint of trouble in Barcelona and the business turned out the other way around.

In case there was a lack of fuel for the Molotov Cocktail that was being cooked, the technical committee of referees agreed to designate Mateu Lahoz as head of the VOR room, who also wanted to do his bit by correcting a penalty that Ter Stegen stopped and no one had protested.

In addition, Diego Costa appeared again as an artisan at the Camp Nou, one of his favorite scenarios to mess with. After he was sent off last season for insulting the referee, this time the Brazilian Hispanic did everything in five minutes. In the eleventh minute he saved a poisoned shot from Messi by the post that gave him a corner. The corner kick, launched again by Messi, slipped between his legs and in a desperate attempt to clear it, hit the ball with his heel distracting Oblak.

Three minutes later, Vidal's penalty came to Carrasco. Costa asked for the ball, shot changing his safety side and Ter Stegen stopped the shot. It was then that from the VOR room, Mateu ordered to repeat it, noting that the German goalkeeper had slightly advanced to the line. Diego Costa was no longer allowed to approach the ball again. It was Saúl who scored the equalizer after Hernández Hernández distributed yellow cards among the protesting Barcelona fans.

After that start of the fast-burning match, the match fell into rhythm and things calmed down. Messi, with the help of Semedo, was still fighting to try to change a game that was played between coals. But it is already known that the most dangerous thing about fires is their reactivation. And in the Camp Nou the flames were extinguished, but the fire danger is always latent and in the second part there was a lot of fabric to cut.

Out, five minutes after the restart, Felipe's penalty to Semedo that Messi transformed to Panenka, finally scoring that goal 700 who both resisted him and put Barcelona at an advantage.

It remained to be seen if this time around, the players of Setién would be able to maintain an advantage on the scoreboard long enough to settle on the scoreboard or they would do the usual. He did the usual. Eleven minutes after getting ahead on the scoreboard, Carrasco went back into the Barcelona area, Semedo touched him lightly and the Belgian tripped on his leg. Saúl returned to the 11 meters and this time Ter Stegen did not go ahead, he guessed the shot, but the ball was too strong and ended up straining into the goal. The fire was taking shape again.

More than anything, because Barça's options to fight for LaLiga were burning, there were ten minutes left to finish the game and nobody was reacting on the bench. With the exception of Sergi Roberto's entry by Rakitic, all the refreshment forwards followed on the bench.

Five minutes to the end, Setién realized that the ranch was burning and he risked giving Ansu entrance by Busquets. But if Ansu could complain about having little time, the displeasure with Griezmann was already greater. The French entered the discount. But the Camp Nou was already burned land.


Sergi Roberto (62 ', Rakitic), João Félix (68 ', Marcos Llorente), Morata (75 ', Diego Costa), Vitolo (83 ', Correa), Lemar (84 ', Carrasco), Ansu Fati (84 ', Busquets), Griezmann (89 ', Vidal)


1-0, 10 ': Diego Costa, 1-1, 18 ': Saul, 2-1, 49 ': Messi, 2-2, 61 ': Saul


Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
VAR Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
Ter Stegen (16 ', Yellow) Pique (17 ', Yellow) Saul (34 ', Yellow) Felipe Monteiro (50 ', Yellow) Messi (60 ', Yellow) Diego Costa (74 ', Yellow) Carrasco (79 ', Yellow) Lemar (93 ', Yellow