Barcelona 3-Celtic 1 | Goleada without fuss and with fright

Barça does not win for scares nor the day it took a giant step to get the runner-up after winning more effectively than playing Celta 3-1. The game, indomitable due to the lack of speech by the Barcelona fans and the aim of the Galicians, was fertile ground for Dembélé’s speed and Aubameyang’s effectiveness, but it will be remembered for the scare caused by Araújo, who was evacuated by ambulance from the field of play with a concussion that had the stadium on edge.

If you have to take this final stretch of Barça’s LaLiga in terms of messages for the future to draw conclusions about what will be Xavi’s first full project at the head of the team, theThe best thing for Barcelona fans to do is to surrender and subscribe to Divine Providence.

More or less, which should also do Riqui Puig, who returned to stay on the bench on a day in which not even the losses of the midfielders provided him with a ticket to the starting eleven. Xavi preferred to bet on Alba as an inside player and Memphis as a midfielder, inaugurating a drawing that led Barça to a tactical mess that Celta did not know how to take advantage of.

Photo the Aubameyang

The Galicians failed their fang at the start of the game in which Barça did not even smell the ball. In that terrible first half hour of the Barcelona fans, Ter Stegen appeared to defend the forte while Aspas failed what almost never fails against the Catalans.

The game was a horror of encyclopedic proportions that highlights the faith of the Barcelona fans who attended (the most coffee-loving of the coffee-growing) and the little sight of the tourists who preferred this plan to going out to dinner there. Against this background, only a free verse like Dembélé could change the script. Half an hour into the game, the alarm clock rang for the French winger and he grabbed a ball, dismounted Galán and assisted Memphis who converted the first goal.

A goal that did not prevent the rival from responding to the culé goal, following the tradition of the entire season, immediately stripping the Barcelona defense. But neither Aspas nor Galhardo were successful in their shots. Instead, Aubameyang showed signs of life just before the break to score the second after another good play by Memphis.

Photo de Depay

Barça went into the break 2-0 in favor and without any executed plan. Xavi, aware that the initial recipe had not worked, brought in Riqui for Ferran, while Murillo replaced Kevin, who left touched. The adjustments of the technicians were not imposed on the law of vertigo of Dembélé, who in another ride served the third goal to Auba.

But Barça is faithful to its gifts. After the 3-0, Ter Stegen and Araújo got involved to present Aspas, who scored his goal of rigor. Celta’s goal brought back to the pitch that feeling that, despite the advantage, Xavi’s team was not capable of dominating the game, but the game had more surprises in store.

First, the expulsion of Murillo for fouling memphis and then, the tremendous clash between Araújo and Gavi that left the center-back shocked to the point that an ambulance had to enter to evacuate him with intolerable difficulties in a case like this that reminded the comic comedy Tres of the Red Cross.

Photo of Blades

It was difficult for Barça to regain control of the game, as Celta continued to dominate in inferiority. With everyone waiting for the reassuring news that came from Araújo to close a match that if Atlético and Sevilla do not win, second place will be worth it.


Riqui Puig (45′, Ferran Torres), Murillo (45′, Kevin Vázquez), Renato Tapia (59′, Thiago Galhardo), Ansu Fati (63′, Depay), Clement Lenglet (67′, Ronald Araújo), Luke de Jong (83 ‘, Aubameyang), Óscar Mingueza (88′, Alves), Gabriel Veiga (89 ‘, Fran Beltrán), Joseph Fontan (89′, Denis Suarez) Augusto Solari (96 ‘, Franco Cervi)


1-0, 29′: Depay2-0, 40′: Aubameyang3-0, 47′: Aubameyang3-1, 49′: Quotation marks


Referee: Miguel Angel Ortiz Arias
VAR Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
Murillo (57′,Roja) Eric Garcia (79′, Yellow) Frenkie De Jong (99′, Yellow) Alba (101′, Yellow