Barcelona 1×1: whoever has Ansu Fati has a treasure

Ter Stegen: The German goalkeeper was lucky as a great ally. Guerrero was about to roll it brown, but between Lenglet and the stick they were in charge of thwarting the two clearest occasions for Leganés throughout the match. Then in the second half, he only had a shot between the three poles, which he stopped without much problem. He keeps on sinning when making sight on some balls, and the pitcher goes so far to the source, that in the end it will end up breaking.

Sergi Roberto: He did not have exuberance in his incursions on the right wing as in the match against Mallorca. The youth squad complied with the file, but provided few things solutions to the offensive game. He was replaced by Semedo.

Pique: A run-in with Assalé put fear in Setien's body, which quickly brought Umititi out to warm up. Fortunately, the central defender recovered and was able to continue on the field. Game without much history of the Catalan central, who was finally replaced by Umtiti, more as a precaution than anything else.

Lenglet: He saved the team from conceding a goal by taking a ball on the same goal line, with Ter Stegen already beaten, and practically heeled. He ended up seeing a card with a clear nudge.

Junior: His connection with Ansu Fati on the left wing paid off, albeit at times in fits and starts, as in the goal play, which came after a bumpy play from the winger that ended up serving Fati a golden ball to open marker. He is also a player who brings luck to the team, twelve games as a starter and twelve victories.

Sergio Busquets: Correct match of the international. It provided balance in the core and resources when looking for the best unmarked partner.

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Rakitic: The international is still a basic player in tasks of containment and pressure in the midfield, but too contained in the offensive phase. The balance in any case is not positive, because its quality allows it to contribute many more things.

Arthur: The Brazilian is one of those players who ends up having a very high percentage of successful passes, but most are flat or of little consequence. It is very good that he says he wants to stay at Barcelona, ​​but he has to demonstrate it with facts and not only with words. With parties like this, he is on the way to barter or transfer. Another game that does not play 90 minutes. And they go…

Messi: Seeing Leo go to the midfield to look for balls before the passivity of the rest of his teammates was an image that was repeated too many times against Leganés. It is a situation that clearly reflects that Leo wants more and is not willing to throw in the towel, and if he has to do it all by himself, Michael Jordan plan, well, he will. In fact, in the second goal of Barcelona, ​​everything was done by the Argentine: he endured one hundred and one tarascadas, settled in the area and ended up giving him a rigorous penalty, which ended up scoring and putting the score 2-0. But it is evident that this is not the way and less to win a Champions League.

Griezmann: The Frenchman continues in a worrying moment of play. It is very good that Setién defends him tooth and nail, but the truth is that the former athlete is disconnected and out of place on the field. It does not offer offensive solutions and is excessively slow in its actions. He scored a goal after a great action by Semedo, but the VAR ended up annulling it by an offside of millimeters from the Portuguese. In any case, French is at the crossroads: either wake up, or very soon you will see how Fati or Braithwaite definitely eat your toast.

Ansu Fati: He is one of those players who, apart from having an innate talent, has a special elf who accompanies him in his career. In the first ball he shot on goal, he managed to open the Leganés lock. With a dry, hard and accurate shot, the striker of the subsidiary opened the doors of victory, adding six goals already with the first team. Part of the merit was also Junior, who enabled a free ball, after making a mess between the ball and the defender, but from which he ended up successful. Strangely, Setién decided to substitute him in the 53rd minute, when he was the player with the most imbalance in attack, after Leo. A matter of hierarchy.


Luis Suárez: He was not as active or dynamic as his brilliant appearance in Mallorca. Clearly you need more minutes. It seems that in Seville we will see the Charrúa from the beginning.

Semedo: He brought depth and sobriety to the band. He gave a great assist to Griezmann, but was canceled by millimeters.

Arturo vidal: He was moderate in his game, aware that if he saw a yellow card he lost the game against Sevilla.

Riqui Puig: He played more than twenty minutes and was very close to scoring a goal, standing alone against Cuellar, but with an innocent shot that Cuéllar cleared thanks to his intuition.

Umtiti: He played his first minutes after the injury he suffered in the second post-confinement training.