Barça's countdown (16): this is how Arturo Vidal arrives

Underrated only for those they shouldn't have go over the honors from a player who has been essential for coaches as diverse as Allegri, Guardiola or Valverde, Arturo Vidal is, by numbers, the best midfielder of Barça in this league. Six goals and two assists in 22 games of which, in only two, he completed 90 minutes.

Two decisive goals, one against Leganés in an important victory (1-2) and another in Cornellà in which it should be the winning goal until it tied Wu Lei (2-2). But, above all, a golden assistance to Messi in the debut of Setien to Granada. That little step with his back to the Argentine, signed 1-0, was worth his weight in gold. And more. Vidal centered the ball that Le normand cleared with his hand and meant the penalty that, today, has leader to Barça.

Character player, essential in a locker room, many announced his fall with the arrival of Setién, more lover of the touch game. It happens that coaches they are convinced in training And, while it is true that it has not become indisputable, it has had its minutes. A mistake distinguishes the season of Vidal, that of his avoidable expulsion in Naples.

Shield / Flag Barcelona

In the post-season of the five changes, which by the way arrives in very good condition according to the tests handled by Barça specialists, Vidal will have a fundamental role. For break down for 60 minutes to go out half an hour to generate chaos and bring the attack on Barça. No one knows if it will continue next season. Inter wants it, but he has between eyebrows to win his ninth consecutive League. It is very difficult to explain that this player has haters, but that it's football.