Barça's countdown (13): this is how Braithwaite arrives

One of Barça's 'unknown players' in this LaLiga restart is, of course, Martin Braithwaite. Signed in extremis for 18 million euros to cover the loss of Suárez and, finally, that of Dembélé, the Dane has played, literally, three times with Barça. He made his debut against Eibar, was able to crown himself at the Bernabéu, where in half a minute he had 0-1 in his boots and then remained nailed while Vinicius started the 1-0 move at Kroos' indication; and finally he was a starter against Real Sociedad.

In those three moments, Braithwaite gave Barça something of verve and seemed destined to have a relatively leading role until the end of the season. However, the reappearance of Suárez leaves him, at least, as the team's fourth front behind the trident. In good connection with the Camp Nou from the first day, where the reception reminded, according to many, to the one that Larssson had, Setién is obliged to take advantage of it since the request was his. That Suarez reappears from a long injury suggests that he will have his minutes as a shock, but he could even be a starter due to the accumulation of so many games in so few days.

Braithwaite has things to offer Barça. Speed, mischief, goal, solidarity. He is a player with a gimmicky point, but he has a certain energy that Barça needed. He can handle himself in all three attack positions and is enthusiastic and a convinced optimist. While many think that he will have a testimonial role and in two months he will no longer be at Barça, that he will sell him, he imagines himself as a hero in many games, having a fundamental role in the title and continuing as a Catalan player next fall. At just 29 years old, and the father of four children, this is Braithwaite.