Barça tie Gustavo Maia

The Barcelona has tied the signing of Gustavo Maia (19 years old), forward for Sao Paulo. The manager of the Brazilian team confirmed in ESPN Brazil what the azulgrana club has disbursed a million euros for the purchase option by the Brazilian player and if he wants to close the operation he will have to put 3.5 million euros before June 30 to get 70% of his economic rights. The remaining 30% would be kept by Sao Paulo.

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Initially, Barcelona had to pay the million euros on Wednesday of this week, but Sao Paulo was informed that there would be a delay due to the different adjustments that are being made, since some of the income that Barça would have UEFA have also been postponed for a few days.

Alexandre Pássaro, executive manager of Sao Paulo, has detailed the operation in ESPN Brazil: “We sell the purchase option for five million reais, one million euros, so that Barcelona can buy it in the middle of the season, if it wants to, it has a fixed value of 25 million reais, about 4.5 millions of euros”.

The manager added about the operation: “It has no reflection on the club, it is more one of those modalities in which we seek to try to get money without necessarily losing the player at that moment.”

The winger has a contract with Sao Paulo until June 2022. and he has played in the Brazilian Under-16 and Under-17 team. Gustavo Maia He was one of the best in the last São Paulo Junior Soccer Cup with three goals in seven games. His good performance has not gone unnoticed for Fernando Diniz who has brought him to a match in the Paulista Championship with the first team although the winger has not yet debuted.