Barça takes revenge on Valencia Basket

Barça takes revenge on Valencia Basket

Grimau’s men straighten out the European week with a hard-fought victory at the Palau


Barça beat Valencia Basket (74-70) this Friday in the ninth day of the Euroleague held at the Palau Blaugrana, an even match with a Barça outcome in the last minutes, to regain the path of victory in the highest continental competition and prevent the ‘taronja’ from looking up.

The European but national event at the Palau had many ingredients to be entertained. A second helping of Euroleague this week, with both coming from defeats, in an exchange of dominance that soon predicted a tight finish. The battle of the first half was inside, with no outside success: 1/15 and 2/10 were the three-point percentages at halftime.

Barça started with a better defense and led by a dozen points, which diminished in the second quarter, the reaction and the ‘Taronja’ taking the lead. Vesley was the best of the locals, although he made the second foul early, and Willy Hernangómez and Jabari Parker threatened with one of his great nights.

It was not enough, and Valencia showed their face to leave Grimau’s team with 12 points in the second quarter. Boubacar Toure was the most valued among the visitors until that moment, a sign that the fight was within, while Chris Jones and Stefan Jovic did something different, as did Nicolás Laprovittola, distributing the few assists of the game, for the 37-33 lead. rest.

Passes that did not arrive in the visiting attack, despite the fact that the beginning of the quarter was once again Mumbrú’s team. This time Barça held back the rival’s push, in a third quarter that turned out to be a one-on-one between Damien Inglis and Parker (54-52). The cherry on top of the match was spicy, with hot balls that did not find Jones and Brandon Davies, formerly of Barça, in the visitors.

Barça escaped after a video review against it, but with a recovery, which could have left Jovic’s injury, which was finished off with a triple by Abrines. Another from Kalinic, in the worst game of three for the Catalans (5/30), tasted like a sentence, despite Mumbrú’s men in the final minutes plus an important López-Arostegui after his long injury. The Barça revenge, defeated in the League by Valencia three weeks ago, ended with suspense.


–RESULT: BARÇA, 74 – VALENCIA BASKET, 70. (37-33, at halftime).


BARÇA: Satoransky (9), Laprovittola (7), Kalinic (7), Da Silva (-) and Vesely (17) –starting quintet–; Hernangómez (9), Abrines (12), Parker (9), Nnaji (-), Jokubaitis (2), Parra (2).

VALENCIA BASKET: Jones (15), Puerto (2), Claver (3), Ojeleye (8), Reuvers (2) and Toure (4) –starting quintet–; López-Arostegui (10), Inglis (13), Pradilla (2), Jovic (6), Davies (5), Ferrando (-).

–PARTIALS: 25-16, 12-17, 17-19, 20-18.

–REFEREES: Rocha, Dragojevic and Bittner. No eliminated.

–PAVILLION: Palau Blaugrana.