Barça presses Morata again

Álvaro Morata (10-23-1992) has not disappeared from Barça’s radar since January. So, it was Xavi’s number one request to strengthen the lead, but Atlético put obstacles in the way of the signing and Mateu Alemany had to go after Aubameyang. Xavi, however, has maintained some contact with the player, who is once again a possibility for Barça 2022-23.

Photo of Morata

The scenario, this time, is different. Morata plays the role of covered while all the lights are directed at Robert Lewandowski, an almost impossible dream for Barça, which still hastens its options to try to incorporate the Pole. Nobody, however, believes that the economic scenario of the Barça club will allow this signing. That is where Morata comes in, who is a possible alternative although, as was shown in January, his departure is not easy either.

Morata ends his loan relationship with Juventus in June and, in principle, must return to Atlético de Madrid. If the Bianconeri entity wants to keep the Madrid striker, it must pay 35 million euros; And she doesn’t seem too keen to do it. Arsenal and Barça are pending the situation of the player, who will not continue for various reasons at Atlético de Madrid. Barça already tried last January to pay for the player’s transfer in variables (games played, goals), but Atlético was not willing to reinforce a direct rival, much less in January. DThe background is the Griezmann affair. Atlético will have to pay 40 million euros to Barça in 2023 as long as the Frenchman has played at least 50% of the games in which he has been available. That piece could be key to the Morata operation but, at this time, it is not even clear that Griezmann is going to follow the next season of rojiblanco.

Shield/Flag Barcelona

Today, Morata’s great obsession is to find the perfect destination that will allow him to arrive in the best condition for the World Cup. That means reaching it in physical, mental and soccer fullness. And everything happens to play so that his position is not in danger. That factor will be decisive in his negotiation with Atlético and with his destination club.