Barça live today: LaLiga Santander football

Our analyst,
Wolf Carrasco, summarizes the first half of the
Mallorca-Barça: “The two starts of
Barca They have been very big and very positive to reinforce their mental power. As soon as the game started, he imposed what he wanted to do with a great goal from
Vidal commanding in the area. And after the hydration break, after a dangerous phase of
Majorca lead by
Kubohas also hit the
Barca. In addition, in the second goal there is an important detail: he has put his three forwards in the area,
Griezmann and
Braithwaite, who finished off the play after a very mischievous pass from
Leo with the head. Let's see how the second part starts because the two blows of the
Barcelona They have come at very important moments. Now it's time to strike the final blow. “