Barça entrusts itself to the fifth game

Barça entrusts itself to the fifth game

Those of Jasikevicius, greatly surpassed by a Bayern that ties the ‘playoff’ again


Barça crashed with the entire team (59-52) this Friday against Bayern Munich when looking for the ticket to the ‘Final Four’ of the Euroleague at the Audi Dome, which both teams can win next Tuesday in the fifth and decisive meeting at the Palau.

Sarunas Jasikevicius’ men were overwhelmed by the intensity and character of a Bayern team that had already shown its cards in this much more even-than-expected series. The champion of the ‘Regular Phase’ is on the ropes against the eighth classified.

After making it 2-1 in Munich two days ago, Barça was unrecognizable on their ‘match point’. In the last quarter he tried to make it up, and could even have achieved victory with a minimum of success, but Bayern kept it for desire, conviction and aggressiveness in a fight that is not at all clear, while Real Madrid waits in the semifinals with a 3-0 to Maccabi.

The ‘Saras’ team made 9/23 shots from two and 5/29 shots from three, they were also inferior in rebounding and lost more balls. Barça scored their worst game in Europe in the Lithuanian coach’s era, while Bayern took him in the mud, with Weiler-Babb as the top scorer with 12 points.

Neither Mirotic nor Calathes, like on Wednesday, came to the rescue this time, although the Hispanic-Montenegrin was the initial reference, winning free throws. Bayern’s defense marked a high level of intensity that Barça did not know how to play, also affected by a poor success since the first quarter.

The negative tone did nothing but grow in those of ‘Saras’, without a plunger and with a difference established in the ten (27-17). Abrines gave a little oxygen, with the first triple after eight mistakes by the visitors, but Bayern’s energy again made the difference at halftime (36-25).

Andrea Trincheri’s team was at ease in the guerrillas, with a 3-0 lead in the third quarter after five minutes. A bit of Smits, a triple by Laprovittola, a basket on the horn by Davies, Barça wandered through the Audi Dome. Without success to enter the fight, the score at the end was misleading.


–RESULT: BAYERN MUNICH, 59 – BARÇA, 52. (36-25, at halftime).


BAYERN MUNICH: Weiler-Babb (12), Obst (2), Lucic (8), Rubit (7) and Radosevic (-) –starting five–; Thomas (7), Jaramaz (6), Sisko (2), Dedovic (2), Hunter (9), Schilling (4).

BARÇA: Calathes (3), Laprovittola (5), Hayes-Davis (2), Mirotic (7) and Sanli (5) –initial quintet–; Davies (2), Jokubaitis (8), Kuric (5), Martínez (-), Smits (1), Exum (2), Abrines (12).

–PARTIALS: 18-12, 18-13, 14-9, 9-18.

— REFEREES: Lamonica, Pukl, Nikolic. Eliminated for Exum fouls.

–PAVILLION: Audi Dome.