Barça and United let Martinelli escape

Gabriel Martinelli is one of the few good news for the gunner fan this season. The Brazilian arrived in July as a total unknown and now, he has proven to deserve a place among the best young players in Europe after 10 goals in 25 games between Premier League, Europa League and both domestic cups.

Arsenal took him out of Ituano but Martinelli had already had some experience in European football at Carrington and La Masía, facilities of Manchester United and Barcelona. “Ituano and United had an agreement that allowed me to go every year, for four years, to train with boys my age or older. It was great, because I could try English football. I met Fellaini, Evra and Pogba and I made myself photos with them, “he says about his experience in Manchester. Despite how enriching it was, Gabriel did not sign for United. The why? The Red Devils did not offer him a contract. “Why didn't I sign for United? They never made me an offer, so I went back to Ituano and did my job,” he says in an interview with FourFourTwo.

Arsenal Shield / Flag

In 2018, he also had the opportunity to enjoy at the academy of Barcelona. “I went in November 2018 and I was training in La Masía for two weeks. I was not lucky enough to meet any of the players of the first team because it was the international break. I couldn't see Messi, “he lamented.

The Brazilian acknowledges that he hallucinated with the facilities of both clubs. “Everything in Europe was new to me and I was impressed with all the things they had in these great clubs: the gym, the amount of fields …”, he says although he could not stay as a player of either team.

The Arsenal, the only big one that bet on him

Gabriel Martinelli began to stand out in Ituano and offers began to arrive. Now, in FourFourTwo, he tells how he decided on Arsenal. “Ituano was playing the Paulista and when I started to stand out, my agent told me that he would not tell me anything to be focused on football but, in the end, the negotiations went to more and he told me there were two options. I chose Arsenal without think about it. I wanted to join one of the biggest clubs in Europe and they were the only ones interested in me, “he said.