Bárbara Rey turned her son into a servant: “She forced me to bring him breakfast in bed and give him massages every night”

Angel Cristo Jr. This Friday he revealed the most traumatic episodes of his childhood: drugs, abuse, screaming… A hell that he thought he left behind when his parents divorced and both his sister Sofía and he went to live with their mother in Boadilla: “My mother tells me that I am the man of the house and I become her servant. She stole my time and my childhood.”

The son of Barbara Rey speaks of a tremendous dependency on the part of her mother: “I paid the employees, I fired them, I took the money out of the bank, I signed the checks… I took care of everything. I did it to help my mother, but I was at her disposal 24 hours a day. Anything that took away my time to be with her was a problem and the problem was mine because I was not a good son.” And she adds: “She didn’t let me live through adolescence or even my adulthood, she was excessively dependent and conditioned me all my life.”

Ángel explained: “I brought him breakfast to his room, I gave him back massages at night… Sometimes they lasted three hours because he tested me. For me they became torture because the last thing I wanted was to touch him.” skin after spending all day serving him. I wanted to go to school, do homework, play with my friends… But I had to be a good son and I believed that my friends weren’t because they didn’t do anything for their parents.

Sofía Cristo’s brother claims that he never enjoyed a healthy relationship between mother and son and that Bárbara even put him in danger: “We operated as if we were a married couple. She asked me to attend to the lenders and they gave me the money so she could spend it at the casino. If she didn’t return it later, they would demand it from me. “They came to the house to complain and she didn’t show her face, she sent me around, and they were dangerous people.”