Bárbara Rey takes refuge in the arms of Sofía Cristo after her son’s unexpected attacks

Angel Cristo Jr. Surprisingly, he reappears this Friday night on Telecinco, to speak badly of his mother, Barbara Rey. The son of the former showgirl and the circus trainer does not have good words for either his mother or his father. His attacks on Totana’s are especially surprising, taking into account that he participated in his documentary and acknowledged, among other episodes, his father’s mistreatment of his mother. In this new interview, he also talks about the story of his mother and the king Juan Carlos.

The actress is devastated after the storm unleashed and, for the moment, she has only limited herself to expressing that she is very surprised and affected: “I know the same as you or less. It is normal that it does not fit you. I will never speak ill of my son “I’m sorry,” he told Joana Morillas.

On Instagram, however, the Murcian woman acts completely normally and in the last few hours she has dedicated herself to publicly supporting her daughter, who is launching a podcast with the psychologist Inés Bárcenas, Addicts and neurotics. In the first episode, which premieres this Friday, Bárbara Rey herself participates. The DJ has also been excited about the success of her mother on Antena 3, since the series Christ and King It is being a success in audiences. Furthermore, this Thursday he broke his silence after his brother’s bomb: “Bad intentions will never have good results.” The message, which accompanies a black and white photo, is completed with one last piece of advice: “Think carefully before you hurt someone.”

Ángel Cristo Jr. attacks for money

Rey’s first-born son is currently going through a complicated financial situation, as he cannot pay his son’s pension, according to Joana Morillas. A person close to him has conveyed this situation to the journalist, as we learned: “He’s very strapped for money. They tell me he’s capable of saying anything.”

“He has a very big financial problem related to the pension for his young daughter. If you don’t pay the pension you know what can happen, which is going to jail. There comes a time when Ángel cannot delay this. So this is the problem,” the journalist added.

Ángel Cristo Jr.’s attacks on his mother have been known since this Wednesday, when Telecinco broadcast a preview of the interview he offered to the new program that will premiere this Friday, Friday! Which also serves as a response to the competition, since Antena 3 has been broadcasting the series every Wednesday for weeks. Christ and King along with the documentary A Barbara Lifewhich also has interventions from the former star’s environment, including those of her two children.

In the interview, Ángel says that the mansion where he lived with his family was very far from being a home: “The Moraleja house was a nightmare. There was fear, terror and blood. In that house he entered and left everything: drugs, alcohol, prostitutes…”. “My mother bore all the responsibility. The real nightmare was my mother. “My mother spent a lot of money in the casino,” she explains, pointing out that her sister was not aware of what was happening due to her addictions. In the past, the presenter and her daughter confessed that it was the tamer who introduced the little girl to the casino. drug underworld.

In the Mediaset space he will reveal the relationship he had with his parents when he was little, bullying suffered in childhood motivated by their fame, the relationship he currently maintains with his mother and sister and the role that Bárbara assigned him regarding her history with Juan Carlos I.