Bárbara Rey signs an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office: one year and eight months in prison to pay her children’s fines

The former star does not raise her head. After the disgust at the public betrayal of her son, Angel Cristo Jr.against whom he has taken legal measures, Barbara Rey He has had to face a new problem: his debt to the Treasury and an accusation of asset seizure. This Wednesday, the woman from Totana went to court accompanied by her daughter to resolve her situation and she reached an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, accepting a fine of 1,800 euros and a shame of one year and eight months in prison.

According to Sandra Aladro, Bárbara Rey has also agreed to take care of her children’s debts. “She was accused of an alleged crime of taking property for which they asked her for three and a half years in prison and two and a half years for her children, as well as her sister and her nephews,” he explained. she. We talk about a debt of 140,000 euros that it carried from 2006 and 2008: “When the time came to pay it, he did not make the payment and, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, he disposed of his assets through his relatives. He was decapitalized, which is why everyone was involved.”

Thus, this Wednesday Bárbara pleaded “guilty” to a crime of taking property. She has accepted a fine of 1,800 euros and a prison sentence of one year and eight months that she will not serve as she has no police record.

They point out that the actress, in the middle of a war with her son due to the continuous public statements against him, has had to come to an agreement with him to be able to resolve this situation. Ángel Cristo Jr. traveled a couple of days ago to Honduras, where the new edition of Survivors starts this Thursday. He is one of the participants, along with Carmen Borrego and Kike Calleja, among others.