With a folder and 23 photographs under his arm, Angel Christ Jr sat down for the third time Friday! to charge against his mother, Barbara Rey. In this new installment, the first-born of the former circus star described the famous photographs of the artist with the king emeritus. In addition, he spoke of the mistreatment that his mother received from his father. And although he does not justify them, Sofía Cristo's brother stated that it was difficult to live with someone like Bárbara Rey. Just 24 hours after Ángel Cristo Jr's harsh statements, the actress responds bluntly.

The first two episodes of Ángel Cristo Jr on the new Telecinco set did affect Bárbara Rey. “She affected him a lot because it is her son who gave the statements,” she said this Saturday. Aurelio Manzano from the program Fiesta.

However, this latest installment has marked an end for the former star in regards to her relationship with Ángel Cristo Jr. Although she boasted on social media about a relaxed dinner with her daughter Sofía, the artist was aware of the statements of his firstborn. As Aurelio has revealed from the aforementioned space, Bárbara has stated: “As of today, my son has died for me.”

Thus, the talk show host explained that the relationship between Bárbara Rey and her son has come to an end: “From now on events are going to take a 180 degree turn, if she has to go after her son, she will go to for her son, she has told me that she is going to go all out.

The statements of Ángel Cristo Jr

“They meet and get married in a month and he was not aware that he was marrying the first figure in this country and the most beautiful, and a series of relationships, he was an old circus man and he did not have to marry a woman as modern as my mother, she didn't know how to get there and her character is very complicated. My father was abusive and my mother was complicated and in many ways she drove my father crazy. And that doesn't mean that my father did atrocious things and my father was a monster,” said Ángel Cristo Jr.