Bárbara Rey, ready to do anything against her son: “If he has to fall, it is what it is”

This Friday, Angel Cristo Jr. He goes to Telecinco to clarify live everything he has put on the table in the previous two weeks, since the accusations against his mother have raised eyebrows. Especially when she talks about the alleged blackmail of Totana's former star to king Juan Carlos.

The beginning of her son's attacks coincided with the death of the actress's brother, so she headed to Murcia to be by her family's side at this delicate moment and say goodbye to her loved one. She then traveled to Marbella, where she took shelter from the storm. Since the beginning of this week she has been in Madrid, where on Monday she attended the birthday of her great friend and defender Chelo García-Cortés.

They say that they have the actress protected so that she does not see her son's harsh intervention in Friday!He is not going to watch the program, he has no strength. Her sister and her friends have decided to take her out. She will surely be accompanied by friends and her daughter. She is here in Madrid,” Aurelio Manzano assured.

The journalist has also spoken of his intentions to file lawsuits, no matter who falls: “He is going to sue all the people who have used the word blackmail as a fact because it will have to be proven in court that he blackmailed. And be careful not to sue your son too.. Barbara is going to protect herself and her daughter, who is having an extremely bad time. And if your son has to fall in that process, that's what it is.“.

In his intervention in installments on Telecinco (this Friday the third part is broadcast with an interview on set), Sofía Cristo's brother points out his mother as the person responsible for the hell that was experienced in their house. He also puts her on the spot for her alleged blackmailing of the former Head of State. So much so that he claims that he was in charge of photographing her mother with Doña Sofía's husband in her own house and in a very committed attitude. She was 12 years old then. He also claims to have been the author of a fake robbery that her mother intended to sell to the magazines of the time and in which she appears naked and in a committed attitude with one of her boyfriends, Fran French.