Bárbara Rey opens up about her depression: “There are moments when one falls apart”

The controversial interventions of Angel Cristo Jr. against his mother, Barbara Reyon Telecinco they have taken their toll on the former star of Totana and also on her sister, Sofia Christ. The DJ confirmed this Thursday that, after her brother's accusations, the actress is fighting depression.

Just a few hours later, the artist herself confirmed it: “Well, here I go, little by little”responded to the question of how he is coping with his delicate mental health problem.

Likewise, Rey pointed out that he is in a rut, where he feels bad both physically and psychologically. “Everything goes together. Feeling bad both physically and psychologically is complicated. There are times when you overcome them and there are times when you fall apart“said the artist before the microphones of Europapress.

Likewise, Bárbara stressed the great support that her daughter is being in these difficult times. “I have Sofía with me, who is wonderful and I have always had her. “I don't want my daughter to be worried about me, but I know she is worried,” she said. It must be remembered that since the images of Bárbara Rey disoriented in a parking lot in Madrid were published in December, the focus has also been on her health. Then he fainted in a shopping center and his daughter confirmed that he had returned to the psychiatrist and other specialists.

Although it is not at its best, Totana's also reappeared this week on the designer's birthday Eduardo Naverretewhere he played Song Puppets (1987), a song that she covers herself and that her daughter produces. After seeing him at his peak, Nagore Robles' ex clarified this Thursday that, on many occasions, depression can be invisible. As an example, the DJ recalled the sad ending of Veronica For whatwho committed suicide in December 2021 after suffering from this disease.

Faced with family problems, Sofía is not having a good time either: “I have shitty days, where I don't feel like getting out of bed. I take refuge in my friends, my job and my mother”. She is going to therapy.