Bárbara Rey: “I raised my children by playing in the casino”

Barbara Rey He goes through a distressing moment due to the death of his brother Salvador Just the same day that her son charges against her on Telecinco: “The real nightmare was my mother.” At the same time, the former star has been the first guest on her daughter’s podcast, Sofia Christ. In an intimate conversation between mother and daughter, Barbara confessed to her DJ about her gambling problems.

“I started playing as a child, I got totally hooked and so did Ángel, the father of my children. The father of my children doesn’t help me at all. So, what do I do: I play, I win and I leave,” Totana’s has confessed. Likewise, she has acknowledged that she lost up to three million pesetas and that she put her companies in the name of her children. “I started to lose and I put my companies in the names of Sofía and Ángel, so that I couldn’t lose them and I wouldn’t leave them on the street,” she said.

Sofía Cristo’s statements

This Friday, Nagore Robles’ ex stated on the set of Public mirror that his mother’s problem was casinos and bingo. “It must be made very clear that they are very different generations, but the problem is the same. In my mother’s case the problem was casinos, bingo, but then there are people who play slot machines and consume psychoactive substances,” he said. indicated.

Likewise, Sofía has assured that her mother has requested that she not be allowed to enter any casino. “This comes from a background of emotional emptiness. This is like the first drink you try at home at Christmas, which before your parents gave it and told you to wet your lips,” she stressed.

The lives of Bárbara Rey and Ángel Cristo Sr. were marked by his mistreatment and also by the consumption of drugs and alcohol at home. Something that their children experienced and that deeply marked their childhoods. Sofía Cristo, who has undergone detoxification treatments, began taking drugs because her father introduced her to it since she was just over 13 years old, according to what both Ángel Jr. and Sofía herself have said.

The son of the actress and the circus trainer, in his new and shocking interview, will reveal the relationship he had with his parents when he was little, the bullying he suffered in childhood motivated by their fame, the relationship he currently maintains with his mother and sister and the role that Barbara assigned him regarding her history with Juan Carlos I. He puts her on the spot, after talking about her differently in the Antena 3 documentary A Barbara Life and in other interviews.