Bárbara Rey goes from being banned to signing for Mediaset to work alongside Jorge Javier

After being banned from the Fuencarral channel by the new board and moving on to the competition (with an interview in The Anthill and documentary series included), Barbara Rey has returned to Mediaset this Tuesday as a star guest of Jorge Javier Vazquez and an unexpected surprise: she is the new talk show host Chinese Stories. He has started his adventure in style: launching ‘zascas’ for Ana Rosa Quintana and Alessandro Lequio.

The Italian count’s words have become ugly after the death of María Teresa Campos, who was known on television as ‘queen of the mornings’: “The only queen is Ana Rosa,” said Lequio. Bárbara Rey has been blunt: “That was very ugly. It was not appropriate.” And she added ‘zasca’ for Quintana: “As a professional I think she is unmatched.”

Bárbara Rey’s return to Mediaset occurs months after her name was included on the banned list following the imposition of the new Code of Ethics of the current board. This is how she spoke last March: “We did an interview with Risto who had an audience that had never existed before, but now they no longer name me. Now I no longer have a place on that network. It is clearly shown that he follows in the footsteps of the vetoes that come from where they come from. You just have to think a little about whose dangerous friendships they were.” It was, precisely, in an interview in El Hormiguero: “Many of us know what dangerous friendships they were.”

She has also spoken precisely about black hands and the royal family, launching some barbs against King Felipe VI: “I am not a republican but lately I don’t like some behaviors.” And he added: “Juan Carlos should continue reigning, he has a courage that others lack. Felipe VI is affected more by circumstances than by love for his father. What I say may bother him but it is what I think.” “. He has also given his opinion, and very well, about Doña Sofía: “The queen has been a very good queen, perhaps she has endured a lot for the future of her son. She is a very intelligent, prepared woman, who was born for that and has known how to handle it well, because she has always known about her husband’s adventures.