Bárbara Rey for an interview with an uncomfortable question about the King Emeritus: “You have lied to me”

Barbara Rey He gave an interview this Saturday on TV3 to talk about his past. Although he doesn’t know Catalan, the star does understand it correctly. For this reason, she had no problem cutting off the presenter when he asked her about her romance with him. King Juan Carlos I.

“I don’t want to continue talking about this all night, because then I would have to say that you have lied to me. The previous interview has nothing to do with what we are talking about,” Bárbara Rey told Ricard Ustrellthe host of the program.

Given these statements, the interview host clarified the situation. “What we had agreed was that we would not only talk about the king, not that we would not talk about the king,” he added to the argument of his mother. Sofia Christ. Likewise, the presenter of Collapse He pointed out: “If you don’t want to answer any more about the king, you tell me ‘I’m not going to answer any more about the king’. It’s easy.”

For her part, the star, with the irony that characterizes her, responded: “Since you are a very young boy, I want to give you this satisfaction.” Given these statements, the journalist thought that the artist was going to make statements about the emeritus. However, Bárbara stated: “Well, the truth is that no. I would rather talk to him (Juan Carlos I) so that he would find out about a few things, not about what they are told. Do you understand me?”