Bárbara Rey exposes her son’s latest lies: “He demanded the apology letter and the girlfriend leaked it”

The former star exploded this Wednesday after her son’s latest accusations, Angel Cristo Jr., from Honduras. The participant of Survivors He called her a “child abuser” and confronted Carlos Sobera when he offered to read the apology letter he had written to her live. Barbara Rey: “I have nothing to hear from my mother. Don’t let it happen again,” he warned very seriously. Now, Totana’s one puts the dots on the i’s: “Knowing the letter, of course he knew it. How can he not know her if that’s what he demanded in order to agree? How can you not know her? “What nonsense, they don’t stop telling lies!”

Bárbara Rey has revealed that the letter was part of the agreement by which she assumed the debts of her relatives and settled her problem with the Treasury. She claims that her son demanded she sign said agreement and that she is not the one who made it public: “I haven’t drawn any card nor am I in the least interested, it doesn’t matter to me exactly. They are the one who has drawn the card. The girlfriend, her representative, the program or whoever”. And he adds: “I do not apologize for anything other than that specific issue. The letter is there, it is for him and for all the people who helped me at the time through my accountant, who was the one who decided it because I don’t understand numbers, is that clear?”

The mother of Sofia ChristFurthermore, she downplays her pact with the Tax Agency, which has sentenced her to one year and eight months in prison and a fine of 1,800 euros: “Imagine how important the problem I would have would be, eh? That they have sentenced to 2000 euros while in this country they are sentencing other people to thousands and millions and millions of euros, and they don’t give them even a second. I love that you care about my life and that you love talking about me, it must be that I am very important,” he said.

Regarding her son’s latest attacks, Bárbara assures: “I don’t care. I am very important when they dedicate so much time to me. I must be, well, I have always been, but I think more so now. As I get older, I am more important.” For good or bad, it doesn’t matter to me exactly. The important thing is that you talk about me.”