Bárbara Rey and Sofía Cristo do a 'Shakira' and also bill: “Men for me are like cardboard puppets”

No crying or moaning. Barbara King, who faces a sour Christmas after his son's controversial statements, Angel Cristo Jr.has decided to become strong and empower himself together Sofia Christ. Together they have relaunched a version of cardboard puppets, 1987 song rescued now in the middle of the family war: “Men to me are like cardboard puppets,” the theme says. A strategy very much in line with Shakira and her reproaches against Piqué in her Bzrp Music Sessions with those thunderous verses: “You thought you hurt me and made me harder… Women don't cry anymore, women make money.”

“Cardboard Puppets is now on the streets on all platforms, a song from the year 87 that we wanted to update and revive with the help of its singing voice,” Sofía announced on her networks.

“It is the first collaboration I have done with my mother and I am especially excited that it will be released on lottery day, because I have already had the Fatso, my dear mother,” she shares very affectionately.

In the song, Barbara sings: “Men to me are like cardboard puppets. And I'm only happy playing with their weak hearts”. Words that take on a special meaning after the very harsh testimonies of Ángel Cristo Jr. about the episodes of drug consumption, abandonment and gambling addiction, which he launched against his mother in the program Friday! “The real nightmare was her,” he went on to say.