Bárbara Mirján's three sentences about the true relationship between Cayetano and Genoveva Casanova

Cayetano Martínez de Irujo knowledge a Barbara Mirján when the student was not yet 20 years old and the aristocrat was already 53. Few were betting then that the Alba with the most famous love resume since the origin of the noble house back in the 14th century would be able to sustain the relationship that began in the summer 2016 at a party in Marbella. But the facts show once again that love has no age and that 33 years of difference do not have to get in the way of two people who love each other. Another thing is that an ex, like Genoveva Casanova, comes between the Duke of Arjona and his young bride.

That's at least what one of Barbara's friends tells us, a privileged witness of what she really thinks about all of this. “What really bothers her is that lies are told,” this source tells us. “She expanded with me and clarified the truth to me. It was very clear. She told me: 'Genoveva has not been to La Finca since I have been with Cayetano.' And he added: 'He also didn't spend the Christmas holidays with us in Kenya'. Of course, he recalled this: 'It is true that Cayetano had lunch with Genoveva and Luis and Amina on Christmas Eve, at Genoveva's apartment in Madrid, but on the 24th he had dinner with me at my mother's house.' She also denied that Genoveva was going to Africa with them for Christmas: 'The next day we took the plane to Nairobi, via Amsterdam, without her.' These three sentences from Mirján, which her entourage conveys to us, 'are literal,' they assure us.

They have been together for seven years, but some leading figures in the social chronicle have suggested that the ex of Mar Flores and Bárbara Mirján are not going through their best moment. And that it is not a crisis or disagreements between them. Until now, the young woman with a degree in French Philology, Business Management and a former student at Kings College has been quite discreet and patient with the relationship between the rider and his ex-wife, Genoveva Casanova. At 47 years old, the Mexican is going through a very delicate personal situation since they were published his photos with Federico of Denmark. The scandal, as everyone knows, has affected his family. The father of Genoveva's children has come to her aid and maybe, just maybe, he has gotten so involved as to make the woman he loves uncomfortable.

It has always been like this. The Duke of Arjona has cared about Genoveva and has helped her, even financially. Bárbara knew this at the beginning of her relationship with Ceyetano. But since last November, when the meeting between Genoveva and Mary of Denmark's husband was revealed, the media intensity of the matter has brought the aristocrat closer to his ex-wife. “Not many days go by without them talking on the phone,” They tell us from Bárbara Mirjan's entourage. But it is one thing for them to talk and another for them to see each other or share a roof. This is how Barbara herself explains it to some of her friends.

Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart's son has dedicated himself to his ex-wife, protecting her and defending her from what he himself has described as “a witch hunt.” At first, the Mexican locked herself in the El Palacio de Arbaizenea, a property of the Martínez de Irujo family, which the duchess's first husband contributed to her marriage with her only daughter Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, owner of the duchy. A property that Genoveva makes use of. “She goes there whenever she wants. In summer, in spring, she even goes with friends to rest,” she tells us. And of course, Barbara didn't see this as bad at all at first, but after more than two months of 'approach', the duke's girlfriend is beginning to feel irritated by the topic.

A friend of Cayetano's young girlfriend assures us that Mirján is not comfortable with all this: “She says that she is not to blame for what has happened to this lady and that she has certainly shown to be very patient with the matter.” She also leaks to us that Bárbara complains that when they shared a roof with Cayetano, “Genoveva thinks she is the lady of the house.”

But what bothered Bárbara Mirján the most were the false information that Genoveva had spent Christmas with Cayetano, her children and her in the duke's house in Kenya. Bárbara Mirján herself denied what was published to our informant: “Nothing could be further from the truth,” she corroborates. “Cayetano, the children and I were there,” Barbara herself confirmed.

For now, Genoveva is still lost. “There is no graphic material of Genoveva. We would like to,” says a source in the sector. The Mexican has been offered to do “very well paid” reports telling the truth about her and even be the image of a brand, for which she would have to pose in a photocall, but so far she has refused. Cayetano has recommended that she sue. She talks to her ex-husband's lawyers because even in this he is supporting her. She is not a person with great economic capacity. “She needs to work to live,” said Susanna Griso.