Banfield says James' transfer to Everton was free

He James' transfer from Madrid to Everton has been free and not 25 million euros, as was unofficially assured. That is at least what Banfield has revealed, the Argentine club where the Colombian played before jumping to Europe, which claimed a percentage of the sale through the solidarity mechanism established by FIFA.

According to the version of the South American entity, which has aired the situation on its Twitter account, it will not charge anything because the transfer did not entail any movement of money between Madrid and Banfield. “The transfer was made as if it were a player without cost”explained the treasurer of Banfield, Ignacio Uzquiza. “The pertinent consultations were made to both clubs (Madrid and Everton) and they unfortunately confirmed that Banfield will not receive money by the solidarity mechanism. “James played in Banfield from June 2008 to January 2010, before going to Porto, so the Argentine club is entitled to a percentage of each international transfer in which the now ex-Madridista is involved.

A statement that clashes with what both Madrid and Everton revealed, that they estimated the sale at € 25M. James, who ended his contract with Madrid in 2021, signed the Liverpool club for three seasons to meet again with Carlo Ancelotti and debuted last Sunday with the toffee, playing the 90 minutes in the 1-0 at Tottenham de Mourinho.