Bale, from villain to hero

With superstar honors. So it was received yesterday Bale upon arrival at London and that was the treatment that he also had on the part of local media. The Welshman was there well positioned on the websites of all UK media, including general information, but especially sports: BBC and Sky they even made the minute by minute of their morning in London.

In the afternoon, however, the balloon deflated. There was no official (nor of the transfer of Reguilón, puzzled that his ad was postponed with Bale's), nor posed with the Tottenham jersey. Nor did it transpire that the agreement was in danger. He Tottenham preferred to wait for today to find a prime time.

Bale and Reguilón came to the Barajas private terminal around nine o'clock yesterday morning. They traveled together in a small jet, and were picked up by staff spur and driven directly to the Enfield Sports City. Tottenham president Daniel Levy and Mourinho had been recorded entering shortly before.

Tottenham Shield / Flag

When Bale arrived in London on assignment deal it was closed but not signed. Tottenham wanted expand medical evidence that were done to the footballer in Madrid, given his long history of injuries. In them was found that little knee problem who had him without training in Valdebebas since he returned with his selection and who was being treated. That will delay its debut, which in no case could have occurred this Sunday against Southampton because for that he had to have been registered yesterday before 12 noon, and it was materially impossible.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

He english club yes he confirmed to the local media, at least, that it is a year of loan without there is possibility of it being expanded another more of one-sided way for Tottenham. Regarding the figures of the operation, in England there are two currents: one that affirms that Tottenham only takes care of 40% of the tab and other that explains that pays the half of the gross € 30 million that the player charges, but that there is a possibility that he will put 22 million if certain participation objectives and titles are met.

Bale still has good poster at UK. It was demonstrated yesterday. A large group of fans (about a hundred) awaited his arrival at Enfield. When they saw him appear they chanted mainly two chants: “Spurs, Wales and golf, in that order!” And “Bale, born to play for the Spurs!” its name rang in all the gatherings and the country's sports programs. Bale smiles again …