Baldwin makes an important break to Baskonia

Baldwin makes an important break to Baskonia

The ex of the Basques leads Maccabi in a direct duel for the ‘playoffs’


Cazoo Baskonia lost (93-79) this Thursday against Maccabi Tel Aviv on matchday 29 of the Euroleague held at the Menora Mivtachim Arena, a false step in the fight to be in the ‘playoffs’ against a direct rival, with an ex like Baldwin IV as an executioner (24 points and a PIR of 31).

Joan Peñarroya’s men were looking for a forced victory in Tel Aviv, but they returned to their old ways after a bad dynamic away from home. The victory last week in Madrid was an oasis for a Baskonia that sees itself surpassed by Maccabi, 16 wins to 15, threatened by the ‘Top 8’ pursuers. The triple and the rebound made the difference in a game ‘without’ the last quarter.

The Basque team knew how to suffer and press in defense in a first half that went as far as 14 down, due to a soft start. A timeout from Peñarroya finished bringing out the ideal version of the visitors, with a high level of concentration and intensity. The Spanish national Brown (17 points), Baldwin IV and Nebo put Maccabi in a triumphant direction.

In those from Vitoria, without a warrior like Sedekerskis, it was Giedraitis who led the way in that second quarter to warm up. As Howard tried to warm up a lately chilled wrist, the Baskonia drew their weapons inside with Kotsar. Thompson maintained his level of the last days for a 49-45.

The line of the game continued to be for the visitors, with a return from the changing rooms of 0-15 to go on to command numbers and sensations (49-60). However, Baskonia’s maximum froze in a match of streaks that then smiled at Maccabi. The locals reacted with a 14-0 to serve a last quarter of theoretical equality, but the Spanish team fell out of the equation.

Baldwin IV had no brake and, if not, there was Brown to do damage. With another local partial and only two points from Baskonia in four minutes, the 81-67 began to twist Peñarroya’s gesture. Howard’s success did not finish appearing and the Catalans urgently needed points. The rebounding added to the problem, with Nebo doing damage and giving chances to the two good home guards.

The faith of last week in the WiZink Center, to beat Real Madrid on the horn, contrasted with a morale on the ground in a Baskonia that did not believe in the comeback. A 5/32 in triples and 17 rebounds difference were decisive in a Barça defeat that tightened the fight for the crossings to be in the ‘Final Four’.


–RESULT: MACCABI TEL AVIV, 93 – CAZOO BASKONIA, 79. (49-45, at halftime).


MACCABI PLAYTIKA TEL AVIV: Brown (17), Baldwin IV (24), Colson (11), Cohen (-) and Nebo (15) –starting five–; Martin (9), Menco (2), Sorkin (4), Dibartolomeo (11), Hilliard (-).

CAZOO BASKONIA: Thompson (17), Marinkovic (6), Giedraitis (18), Hommes (12) and Kotsar (12) –starting five–; Costello (2), Heidegger (-), Raiste (2), Enoch (-), Díez (-), Howard (10).

–PARTIALS: 29-23, 20-22, 23-20, 21-14.

–REFEREES: Latisevs, Nikolic and Majkic. No deleted.

–PAVILION: Menora Mivtachim Arena.