Ayuso responds to Pedro Sánchez after the investiture controversy: “Yes, I said I like fruit”

This Wednesday an image of Isabel Diaz Ayuso from the Congress of Deputies, where the investiture debate of Pedro Sanchez. On the lips of the president of the Community of Madrid, “son of a p…” was read, referring to the acting president of the Government, and her team defended her, ironically stating that she said she liked fruit: “It’s the least.” that he deserves.” This Thursday, while the investiture session continues in Congress, Ayuso responded in first person to the controversy from the Madrid Assembly: “Yes, I said it. I said ‘I like fruit’.”

Likewise, the PP leader stated: “The President of the Government, with all his abuse of power, took advantage of his intervention to defame me and my family.” Continuing with his argument, Ayuso has charged against the socialists: “Probably, they will want me to call Sánchez handsome, divine, wonderful… But it turns out that yesterday the President of the Government already said that he was going to build a wall in Spain to make two, one against the other. And on one side of the wall we are all fascists: judges, prosecutors, officials, former PSOE politicians. On the other side of the wall were the other fascists, that is, you until July when you knew that the amnesty was an outrage against the rule of law.”

“Son of a bitch” or “I like fruit”

Ayuso, from the rostrum, reacted this Wednesday to Sánchez’s words on the stand when he named her and recalled her brother’s scandal over alleged corruption and the departure of Pablo Casado of the party. “What a son of a bitch,” was read on the politician’s lips. As we already said, the popular political team already ironically said that the Madrid president had said “I like fruit”, but in reality the popular leader had been referring to a lady who was also in the Congress rostrum. To the mother of the socialist, Magdalena Pérez-Castejón.

Given the commotion generated, the team of the president of the Community of Madrid described the president’s words as “ignominy and cowardice” and qualified in The country that the expression of the Madrid woman is “the minimum she deserves” Pedro Sanchez.