Once Isabel Diaz Ayuso renews his position as head honcho of the Community of Madrid this Sunday, we will be able to confirm if Miguel Angel Rodriguez continue with her or leave the position of director of the Cabinet of the Presidency to embark on a much more lucrative project, such as becoming Florentino’s strong man at Real Madrid. We do not know if the businessman takes away from Ayuso an adviser who is in a hurry to take his boss to Moncloa, or if, on the contrary, the Merengue president is lifting up to the leader to MAR. But we have clues.

In January 2022 we reported that the president of Real Madrid had offered the adviser Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, a job in the Real Madrid so that he could carry out his failed project of the European Super League. The white boss was then looking for a media and political brain in his battle against UEFA and the League.

But, to the surprise of Florentino Perez, the director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Community rejected the offer of the White House and decided to continue guiding the Madrid leader in her brilliant political career.

The one who was minister spokesman of the first government of Jose Maria Aznar Between 1996 and 1998, he had already worked for Florentino’s Real Madrid in 2002, on the occasion of Real Madrid’s centenary events, when he was president of Carat. Therefore, to the almighty sheriff It was very easy for him to summon MAR for breakfast. They were together for two hours but the conversation did not obtain the desired result for the merengue master.

The roadmap designed by Miguel Angel Rodriguez For Ayuso he was seduced a year and a half ago much more than going to earn money with Florentino. The refusal of Ayuso’s media plumber was then interpreted as a bet by the man from Valladolid for raising his bet of taking his boss to Moncloa. But feijóo He has convinced Ayuso to measure the times well.

The current president of the Community of Madrid, who has all the ballots to renew her mandate this Sunday, even with an absolute majority, has 15 years younger than Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, who runs out of time before his boss.

Why now yes and then no?

MAR She wanted to speed up Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s assault on Genoa, but she prefers to wait. This has deteriorated their excellent relationship of yesteryear and perhaps that is why Miguel Ángel Rodríguez is now closer to taking the check that Florentino extends to him (which will multiply the current salary of the CAM adviser by five), who needs to consolidate his commitment in Madrid around the new Bernabéu and take positions in the face of an electoral shift to the right after the legislative ones.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Ayuso, will revalidate her mandate this Sunday and probably from that moment a new stage will begin in which Miguel Ángel Rodríguez can become the director of communication with plenipotentiary powers over the marketing area of ​​Real Madrid. The former spokesman for the Aznar government would thus become one of the most powerful men in the merengue club.

Pérez does not stitch without a thread, since, apart from taking advantage of his knowledge in marketing and communication, MAR is one of the people best connected to the Madrid institutions, whose permits Pérez will need in the coming years to make the most of his pharaonic dream of turning the stadium into one of the most lucrative entertainment and leisure centers of the European continent.