Axel Torres: “Xavi would hardly have signed a player like Rüdiger”

The transfer market begins to move as the end of the season approaches. This week has brought us two important moves, that of Rüdiger to Madrid and that of Haaland to City, in the absence of official confirmation. Axel Torres, expert in international football from Cadena SERanalyzed in El Larguero these movements and what is to come.

Rüdiger to Madrid and Christensen to Barça

Bruno Alemany explained that, between the two Chelsea defenders, Real Madrid took the good one. Is it really so?

Axel Torres: “Because of their styles, it is logical that Christensen goes to Barça and Rüdiger to Madrid. Xavi would hardly have signed a player with the virtues of Rüdiger, who is a purer and more aggressive defender. Christensen has a better ball output, but he is softer in some defensive situations.

Haaland arrives at City and Adeyemi will be his substitute in Dortmund

Haaland’s signing for Manchester City has made Borussia Dortmund look to Karim Adeyemi for his replacement. Will he be able to make the Norwegian forget?

Axel Torres: “Haaland is a voracious, overwhelming player who takes a lot of advantage with spaces. In a team that generates as much as City, he can make historic figures.”

“Adeyemi is a good striker, but he has fewer goals than Haaland. I don’t think he’ll manage it, but he has many virtues. They’ve done a good recomposition of the squad”.

Will Lewandowski continue with Bayern?

The Polish striker will be one of the names on the market, although it is not yet clear if he will continue at Bayern. For this reason, the Bavarian club is combing the market in search of a new scorer.

Axel Torres: “I don’t know what Bayern could do if Lewandowski leaves. All possible replacements will not be available, although it may be Nkunku. There is no certainty that Lewandowski will continue.”