Atltico – Villarreal (3-1): The Atletico goes back to Villarreal and continues on the wave | LaLiga Santander 2019

Atletico – Villarreal (3-1)


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Alccer ahead of the Castellón, but Correa, Koke and the reappeared Joao Flix turned the scoreboard around.

Joao Flix hits the ball to score 3-1 against Villarreal.

Nobody like Angel Strap Know the unwritten rules of football played on the street. I discovered them in the dangerous Rosario neighborhood of Las Flores and, even today, about to turn 25, they are well aware of them. Perhaps it is the best way to interpret his blow to Villarreal, his seventh goal of the season. In the street you learn that before the elderly, nothing better than the spark and intelligence. l intuy where you can go to the most normal center of Vrsaljko, I anticipated Pau Torres in the area, a guy who takes a head and a half (20 centimeters), and mocks Sergio Asenjo in the last possible centsima of the play, shortly before the break. In the street you also learn to have eyes even in the back and that's why Little angel detect Koke In the mist of the little girl Then a child will arrive, Joao Flix, the chosen one, to give folder and whisper to the step that has returned to illuminate the Atlantic. (Narration and statistics: 3-1)

This is how the Atticico straightened one night that Paco Alccer I had left stunned. What Liverpool did not achieve in an hour and a half, was reached by the small tip of Villarreal in a quarter of an hour. He landed in the capital of Castellón in January and has hardly needed adaptation. Dynamite is had or not. They know it well in the Metropolitan. And he, rightly, threw it in his suitcase on his return trip from Dortmund. The point is that Gerard Moreno I won a ball and ignored Oblak as if he had a goalkeeper in front of him. A strange parenthesis of VAR led to his second private party in just four games.

An eleven full of Spanish

Because although the Atletico entered decisively in the matter, it was the Villarreal who did it with more forcefulness. Supported by an initial 11 composed only of Spanish players, where he continues waving his wand a guy who turns 36 in December and lived closely that final wake up of the selection in 2008. A Santi Cazorla, who thinks and moves as if he were a child, nothing will hurt the machine room of the rojiblanco set. Between l, Asparagus and Gerard, who once ruled out being one more in the Metropolitan, tried to paint with yellow. Although the physicist gives for what he gives.

Someone like Koke remembers Sergio Asenjo's days in the Attic. The rojiblanco captain was a boy in the locker room and today he breathes order and concert, and even some goal like this Sunday, to his companions. And the Villarreal goalkeeper, with miraculous stops like the double that he signed before Morata, which I returned to forgive at close range, and Vitolo, holds his own in cheerful areas of the general.

Koke marks the second against Asenjo.
Koke marks the second against Asenjo.EFE

From the band, to Monkey Burgos, this time owner of the bench for sanction of Simeone, just a little fuss escaped him. But in his leisurely reflections, looking for solutions, I decided it was time to see Joao Flix again and Trippier, after giving up their injuries. And almost instantly, between the two, and Correa and Koke, the executor, stripped Villarreal a second time. The third, the final, emanates from Joao's boot, which spread the enthusiasm and quality that is presupposed to him. As if his true reality began now.

Oblak was found by his team where he is presupposed. The poisonous threats of Villarreal were nowhere and the rojiblancos, before the party of the banished Simeone, lived perhaps the quietest night since the season began. As if he wanted to continue climbing on that wave of party that Liverpool unleashes. Because the joy is to celebrate them. Missing more. And the Atlantic could do it from the third position. Because, transitions apart, it must be your final destination.

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