Atleti’s next challenge: the ‘naming’ after Wanda

The sponsorship agreement with WhaleFin for Atlético to show off its logo on the shirt is enthusiastically celebrated at the club’s offices. It is understood that this link, which will leave just over 200 million in the red and white coffers over the next five years (almost triples the current figure), responds to the sustained growth of Atlético (sports and social) and everything related to its brand. Now comes the next challenge: the naming of the stadium, which will no longer be ‘Wanda’.

Athletic Shield/Flag

The new red and white house was inaugurated in 2017 and the club signed a sponsorship with the company Wanda Group to five years for 50 million euros in exchange for the naming rights of the stadium, the Wanda Metropolitano. The Chinese group was then a shareholder of Atlético and since 2018 it is no longer, although the naming remained.

Wanda Group sold its share package to Quantum Pacific and soon after decided to change its business strategy outside of China. Until then, he not only had links with Atlético, but he had signed agreements with FIBA ​​and FIFA, among others. But the group took a turn towards the internal trade of their country. Now, the initial contract of the stadium expires and it will not continue as a sponsor either. Atlético seeks relief.

The Atlético brand has been revalued

As it happened with the shirt, there are a few suitors who have knocked on Atlético’s door. Also, it is understood that the club’s brand has been revalued in these years, settled in the European elite. For all that, it is a management that comes from afar. The conquest of the League served the club to adorn itself in the eyes of the conquerors, but it is an issue that is being handled with great caution from the offices.

All parties are aware of the repercussion of renaming a stadium is tremendous. For this reason, the decision will be taken calmly and the name ‘Wanda Metropolitano’, and that of the Ciudad Deportiva Wanda de Majadahonda, may even be extended for a time. But without too much delay, Atlético’s home will be renamed…