Atleti's 1×1: the Arias, Llorente and Correa triangle fell short

Oblak: He barely had a job in the first half, as Brais's dangerous shots did not catch a goal. But in Celta's first in the second half, a faulty shot by Fran Beltrán entered his goal throughout the squad. Oblak and Beltrán himself were the first to be puzzled. He had difficulty repelling several complicated shots from Brais and Santi Mina.

Arias: The rotation with Trippier is coming in handy. He feels important again and was key in the first goal. He went ahead of the Aspas pass, recovered, made the wall with Llorente and put a great ball to Correa, who assisted for Morata. Great ability to break lines from the right side looking directly at Llorente from below. He understood very well with the ‘14’, concentrating Atlético's attacks on his side. In the last minutes less appeared, with more difficulties to reach the bottom line.

Savic: He is very fast, reaching the band when the rivals overcome his side. At the top, he solved the problems generated by Smolov and Aspas.

Giménez: Very sober, he ended up without the left boot accompanied by the Atlético doctors with possible ankle problems. Fran Beltrán came from the second line and finished in the area in an unlikely way to get the Celta goal. Very active to face Aspas, he received his first yellow card in the League for a foul on the Galician.

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I gave it: He saw a very quick yellow card in the 23rd minute for a foul on Hugo Mallo. During the first half, Atlético overturned their attack by the side of Arias, much more active in a rival field than the Brazilian. After the break more appeared, looking for the walls with Koke and hammering insistently. Hugo Mallo and Brais attacked him from the side to try to hurt him. He left replaced weighed down by the cardboard when he was more appearing near the rival area.

Thomas: He returned to the pivot after having rotated against Mallorca. He had moments in which he managed to give more speed to the mattress attack, entering the game assiduously, but he did not manage to impose his rhythm during long stretches of the match. He was also not correct the few times he tried his shot. Atlético needs a better version of Ghanaian. He left, replaced by Herrera.

Saul: Very attentive in the helps, cutting a crucial ball for which Smolov was licking. He does a very important dark job, but he needs to look more with the ball. He failed to get into the game in the final meters, where it is more dangerous. With the departure of Thomas, he stayed as the team's anchor, forming a line of three with the centrals and the rest of the team overturned.

Belt: Assistance for Morata's goal, with a tense center that touched just enough on Fran Beltrán's leg so that it fell to Morata's movement. The referee cut off a hand to hand for a non-existent foul by Llorente. He was noticed with more spark, looking for the imbalance and constantly combining with the '14', his best partner. He left the field of play after 73 minutes after being more participatory than in previous post-confinement games.

Koke: He tried to be active, with a quick mind to look for the pass to space in the final meters, as he combined with Correa in a play where the referee cut the Argentine's hand to hand. He needed to appear more consistently in the playmaker area. Good when he played the first touch to make walls or get out of the celestial pressure.

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Koke, during the match against Celta.

Llorente: It is no longer a novelty to see him play up front. He got on well with Arias and Correa to generate a lot of danger on the right wing. He likes to fall to the side to take advantage of his power in the race, since he does not have the usual movements of a striker in the area. He was about to generate another goal like that, leaving Murillo in the race and putting the ball to the penalty spot, although he had Koke only at the far post. He left his place for Vitolo after another good game.

Morata: The first one he had was inward in an unmarking very similar to that of his second goal against Mallorca, at the far post to finish off Correa's assistance this time with a rebound. A striker who lives a lot on streaks and now sees the goal again. He had to constantly fight with the three Celta centrals, very powerful in the air game. He left some precious maneuver with the ball at his feet to leave the light-blue defenders. He left replaced by Saponjic in the last moments after a game with a goal, although very difficult against a strong and populated defense.

Triple shift

Vitolo: The canary left Llorente to give a bite at the point of attack. The VAR reviewed a possible hand that would have resulted in a penalty in favor of Celta, but it seemed nothing. In that same play he came out in power, protected the ball and sustained the attack that ended with a good shot by Lemar.

Herrera: He jumped for Thomas. He played ahead of Saúl, but Celta's populated defense closed well and he could barely break lines. A slip almost played a trick on him, he solved it by committing a foul to stop the counter.

Manu Sánchez: More minutes for the youth squad on the left side. The band rose insistently, established near the rival area. Their centers found no finisher.

Lemar: He entered very participative, looking to enter the game moving to the middle from the left wing. He tested Iván Villar with a left foot that cleared the goal. Interesting minutes of French.

Saponjic: Last minutes for his second appearance in the League. He acrobatically finished off a ball in the area where the line pointed offside. He asked for a penalty by Olaza's hand, but before he had touched himself with the arm.