Atlético's party to claim their leadership

Atlético thrashed Eibar in a match in which they claimed their leadership status. He added the three points, Correa made a great game and Marcos Llorente and Carrasco joined the goal party. The Madrid team needed a game like this, a round match to add energy for what is to come. Those of the Cholo recovered the path of the triumphs and breathe. The leader took a breath and feasted at the expense of an Eibar that started very well but only lasted forty minutes in the Wanda Metropolitano. While waiting for João Félix and Luis Suárez, Atlético sends the message that the worst is over. If Atlético was a nervous wreck before the clash, now they are looking at next week with more optimism than ever, like at the beginning of the championship.

And that until half an hour nothing happened in the Metropolitan Wanda. Doze. Atlético barely found holes in Eibar's defensive system, well planted in the field, pressing the ball out and doing it calmly, as Dmitrovic claimed from his teammates. The Madrid team played with that piggy trot that causes so much discomfort among its fans. It is true that he arrived a couple of times with danger, but also that the clearest opportunity was had by Eibar, with Pozo's pouring and later left that Kevin Rodrigues did not miraculously reach. Mendilibar's team was not complicated either: aerial balls to Kike García, who fought with Savic, with Giménez, with Herrera, with whom he met …

The clash began to change after half an hour when Atlético understood that it was not a pre-season friendly. Carrasco began to appear on the left, also Lodi, and Marcos Llorente did so on the right. Herrera, failed and imprecise before, took the baton. Carrasco warned with a shot whose rejection was sent high by Llorente and also by the Mexican with a distant launch. The game began to be decided in the last minutes of the first half. First to set pieces. Simeone and his team rehearse, rehearse and rehearse strategy plays in the days leading up to the matches. That if you take the top from there, that if you extend there …. And finally, all that gave Atlético a prize, with Herrera's left and Correa's ready-and-rogue finish. But the best was yet to come, with a precise and precious play: Herrera's long ball into space, where Lodi creates danger with the field ahead; the winger assisted Carrasco who put the pass back so that Correa could do what he did many times, control the ball and orient himself for the shot. It happened that on this occasion he defined in a big way, small, glued to the stick … Golazo. Good team play and huge Correa. They all embraced each other in the Metropolitan Wanda. All about Angelito. And the substitutes also in the stands. The Argentine is a different footballer, always ready to fight, always up front, always trying … If anyone at Atlético deserves the recognition of his team, it is Correa.

The second half began with a few minutes of great rojiblanco play, a team that had already let loose and played without nerves, with confidence, eager to be liked and liked. Everyone participated in the party. Savic led the 3-0. Instead of hitting the kick he gave it to Koke, who enabled Saúl, whose pass into space for Carrasco's career was masterful. Shortly after, it was Correa who trained the area and Marcos Llorente quickly attended, ready to meet again at his appointment with the goal. Eibar already only ran behind their rival, surpassed in all their lines.

Atlético had left behind all their problems in front of goal with a stroke of the pen. With the 4-0, Simeone already thought about Huesca and Correa and Koke left the field. Dembélé and Vitolo entered, players who must take a step forward. So did Torreira, Kondogbia and Felipe. Marcos Llorente sealed a round afternoon.


Dembele (60 ', Correa), Vitolo (60 ', Koke), Inui (61 ', Aleix García Serrano), Paulo Oliveira (62 ', Unai Dufur), Kondogbia (68 ', Héctor Herrera), Lucas Torreira placeholder image (69 ', Carrasco), Quique (71 ', Kike García), Luis Rafael (71 ', José Ángel), Tough (71 ', Kévin Rodrigues), Felipe Monteiro (73 ', Savic)


1-0, 41 ': strap, 2-0, 43 ': strap, 3-0, 48 ': Carrasco, 4-0, 52 ': Marcos Llorente placeholder image, 5-0, 67 ': Marcos Llorente placeholder image


Referee: César Soto Grado
VAR Referee: Mario Melero López
Paulo Oliveira (87 ', Yellow